Jordin Sparks as Shasta Carvell
Nicky Whelan as Hattie Durham
Lance E. Nichols as Bruce Barnes
William Ragsdale as Chris Smith
Martin Klebba as Melvin Weir
Quinton Aaron as Simon
Judd Lormand as Jim

Moderator: Yeah, for sure. Well that’s great. And it’s just great how involved you've been in this movie. I know you've really spent lots of time and have been very connected. So it’s, it’s great and you know we actually have a press release and some information that we are sending out to the media just, you know, including that information so you guys will all get that if you haven’t yet from us. Thank you so much Jordin. 

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JORDAN SPARKS BIO: It has been nothing short of a whirlwind: The then youngest-ever winner of “American Idol,” Jordin Sparks was just seventeen years old when she won the coveted title. In the years that have followed, Jordin has released two albums on 19 Recordings/Jive Records. Her self-titled debut went platinum, selling over 2 million copies worldwide. The first three singles of “Jordin Sparks” went top 5 and the album’s second single, “No Air” sold 4 million digital downloads. “No Air” is now the third highest selling single by any “American Idol” contestant and is listed #27 in Billboard’s Top 40 Biggest Duets of All Time. Jordin’s second release, 2009’s “Battlefield,” debuted on the Billboard Album Chart at number seven and the first single, also called “Battlefield,” reached the top ten on the Billboard Singles Chart and second single, “S.O.S. (Let the Music Play),” topping the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart, becoming Jordin’s first #1. Sparks also co-wrote four tracks on the album, including “911 Emergency,” “Was I The Only One,” “Faith,” and “The Cure.” Cumulatively, her popular singles have sold 10 million digital tracks in the US.

2012 was also notable as it became the year that Jordin made her feature film debut as the lead in the Sony Pictures film “Sparkle,” released August 17. The film also starred the late Whitney Houston, Cee Lo Green and Mike Epps. The first official single from the soundtrack of the film, “Sparkle: Music from the Motion Picture,” featured a duet by Jordin and Whitney Houston. In addition to being produced by R. Kelly, the single titled, “Celebrate,” is notable due to the fact that is was Houston’s last recording. The “Sparkle” soundtrack was released on July 31.

In 2013 and for the third year in a row Jordin was listed in People Magazine’s Most Beautiful issue as well as featured on the cover of Women’s Running Magazine.

Jordin took a dramatic turn in the critically acclaimed film, “The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete,” which was produced by Alicia Keys and released in theaters in October 2013. Jordin also starred in the hit series “CSI: Las Vegas,” as well as featured in the Lifetime movie, “Dear Secret Santa,” and the film “The Grace of Jake,” released date scheduled for 2014.

Also in 2014 she has served as Special Correspondent for the “Today Show,” hosted “E! News” as well as served as co-host on the red carpets for the American Music Awards and Billboard Awards. She is currently in the studio working on her third studio album and her latest film, “Left Behind,” starring Nicolas Cage will be released October 3, 2014. (for complete bio information go to Jordin's website)

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Jordin Sparks: Ok, yeah, Hi Everyone. It’s been really exciting to be a part of this because like you said about the books, when I was younger, all the LEFT BEHIND books came out and then they released a teen series of the books for the younger kids that you know couldn't read 500 page books, fast enough. So I read this teen series growing up and I just remember being, you know, so affected by the thought of Wow, what if, what if my closest friends just disappeared one day. What if they just weren't here? Or my closest family members or you know, anything like that and it was just really interesting and as a kid that’s definitely very scary. It’s something that’s like, “Ah well,” Ok that’s very scary it’s just in a book but you know, when you read the bible and you, you take those things to be truth, you know it is definitely something that you can think of and go Wow, that could actually happen. 

My motivation for being in the movie was definitely, I was so excited because I had read the books. And, I was like, you know it would be really fun to be a part of this film because they had described it as something more action and it was definitely, in the beginning of the books, you know the plane is where the book starts. And there’s a whole other story after that, so it’s really fun to be able to see these characters that you might not have been introduced to in the actual books because you’re exploring the people that are on the plane. You’re figuring out their fears, how scared they are, what they’re going through. 

You look at them sort of like, Ok well, I was just on a plane the other day. What would happen if that happened to me on the plane that I was just on. You know, you kind of start to put yourself in those situations. And, so I was very excited to be a part of it, to be like OK this is a character that might not be in the book but you know, she’s got a valid part, so “Shasta” is a mother and her back-story is, is, you know kind of came up with that she’s getting on the plane with her daughter, trying to take her daughter to a safer place in her head that’s what she thinks she’s doing. She’s trying to take her away because of what she’s going through with her husband, her ex-husband, we haven’t really decided that. Is that, you know they’re not going through great things at the moment so she’s taking her daughter and she’s just very weary of everybody on the plane. She’s very, I don’t know, she’s very, I feel like she kind of thinks everything is a conspiracy, that everyone’s out to get her, so she, you know, has her daughter on the plane and she wakes up after taking a nap and her daughter’s gone. And it was really interesting for me because, I was like, I've never played a mother before. I don’t have kids myself, what I would do if somebody that I could equate to the little, the little girl who was absolutely incredible, she’s so cute. 

Her name is Kam, Hi Kam! Hopefully she’ll see this. She was so adorable and I just was trying to equate like who would I just be completely devastated, shocked, to see isn't there anymore. Not because they left of their own accord but because they were taken. And it was very interesting to have to reach deep-down. I remember at one point we were shooting my scene and I was so, I was so overwhelmed and nervous because I kept forgetting my lines when we were practicing and rehearsing and everybody was so great trying to calm me down but I was so nervous because my character was literally in hysterics. She’s sobbing, she thinks that, you know, everybody has been a part of it and aren't telling her and I remember standing there we got the lines out but I remember being so deep into that scene that I literally could not stop myself and bring myself out of that base for about 20 minutes after the scene was shot. 

And it was just really interesting.I grew so much as a person in how I was relating to her, how I wasn't like her, you know and just being in the situation with all the amazing actors on the plane in the first class cabin, I will say. It was just very, it was a very interesting and amazing experience to be able to dive that deep into a character.

Moderator: Wow, that’s, that’s great. Thank you. And so you've been in a number of great movies and is this role being an action-thriller style movie, kind of a lot of depth from a, you know, a lot of different perspectives and then having so much action happening and you, even talking about how deep you got into this character. How was this different for you, or how did you have to either prepare or, just share with us a little bit about this experience as a opposed to maybe some of the other films and roles you've played in those.

Jordin Sparks: Well it was different because like I said I play a mother and I’m, I’m not a mom, I don’t have kids, one day I would love to have kids. But I, and I know there’s nothing like a mother’s love from what my mom has told me and my brother’s wife who just had my niece she just is like, it changes your entire world. And I know how much I love my niece now and I can’t imagine the type of love that I’ll have when I have my own kids. So it was hard because I wanted to be able to express that but I had to find something relate-able to me, you know in the space that I’m in now to get myself to that point. And also being able to be in something action-thriller, you know scary, end of your seat is so exciting for me because I have been in a couple films. It’s been so amazing to be able to, you know, work on this side of my artistry, and on this craft of being an actor and getting into this world. And with my other characters I was definitely a lot more like them with Sparkle, it was literally like we were the same person just put in different time eras and you know, go with different things. Family, in terms of family but I really felt like I related to her a lot on all levels. So, I don’t want to say it was easy but it was definitely simpler to be able to walk in to her shoes than it was to walk in to “Shasta’s” shoes. So it was very interesting, it was fun. And I felt very supported by everyone who was in this scene with me. Because it was all of us who were in the first-class cabin. I think besides Nicolas and Cassi because she’s on the ground kicking butt down there on the ground (laughing) making sure everybody’s safe, looking for her brother. So it was, it was nice to feel supported in that way when I was just so unsure if I could project what I was trying to project.

Moderator: That’s great. Yeah. Thank you.

Jordin Sparks: Um hmm. No problem.

Moderator: Yeah. I think one other thing that we just want to hear from you and actually we just got an email question for you specifically about this. Just about, we know a lot of your fans are a broad section of ages but we know that a lot of young people really respect you and look up to you. Do you think that young people can relate to this movie? What do you think they’ll get from it? Will they enjoy it? Is it something they should also go out and see?

Jordin Sparks: I think the great thing about this movie in that this movie has the opportunity to do, is because of the people that they have brought into the film, they have the ability to have people from all over come in and see the movie whether they are believers, whether they’re non-believers. Whether they are agnostic, whether they you know, don't believe in anything, or you know it doesn't even matter. They have the opportunity to have so many different people come in and watch this. And I’m, I’m excited for my fans to come in and see it as well because whether they know of the story of the rapture from the bible, or they've watched, what is that show, the show The Leftovers is kind of similar where people just disappear you know. Everybody’s kind of, I think everybody can relate to imagining, like what if somebody that I loved wasn't around anymore, in an instant? And it can definitely happen, whether it is through, you know being taken up in the rapture or, you know, a tragic accident you know, life isn't promised to us here, you know, tomorrow is not promised and I think everybody can relate to that so I think it’s going to be really cool to see all the different types of people that come in to see this film and for everybody to just be able to start a conversation afterwards. Go - Wow that was really interesting, I wonder what A, B, C, and D is. So I’m excited for my fans to come see it. I’m excited for, you know maybe to gain some fans from other people that come and see the movie as well. So you know, it’s going to be great for all of us I think.

Moderator: Yeah, for sure. Well that’s great. And it’s just great how involved you've been in this movie. I know you've really spent lots of time and have been very connected. So it’s, it’s great and you know we actually have a press release and some information that we are sending out to the media just, you know, including that information so you guys will all get that if you haven’t yet from us. Thank you so much Jordin. 

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