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A new feature film from director Dylan Baker. Based on the amazingly true story of Travis Freeman.

Travis shows us what true bravery is by competing on the gridiron--even after becoming blind overnight. Depicting a story of hope and triumph, courage and faith, and of victory prevailing over adversity, 23 Blast is designed to encourage and uplift audiences.

In theaters October 24, 2014--in partnership with K-Love and Air1 radio.

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Lights Out – Living in a Sightless World
By Travis Freeman with Rebeca DeBoard Seitz
Published by Believers Press
171 pages

Back Cover: When the lights go out – play harder.
Travis Freeman plunged into a world of darkness at 12 years old. A rare occurrence of a routine illness stole his sight, leaving the small–town Kentucky boy's dreams of football and fun languish–ing on the sidelines. 

Having given his heart to Jesus merely a year before the illness, Travis knew one thing: God was still the light for his life. 

That life story is now the inspiration for a major motion picture, "23 BLAST" that hits theatres in October 2014. Starring Dylan Baker (SPIDERMAN, THE GOOD WIFE) and Mark Hapka (DAYS OF OUR LIVES, CRIMINAL MINDS), the film focuses on Travis's football career playing Center for the Corbin Red–hounds – a team that went on to win the state championship. 

Yet there is even more wisdom and hope for us to find in a full telling of Travis Freeman's story. So much more to hear that couldn't be included in The Today Show and Dateline coverage of his football exploits. 

This graduate of the University of Kentucky and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary now joins with seasoned writer Rebeca Seitz to share his story in his own words. His is a story that is destined to turn the lights on for millions of readers.

REVIEW: I’m thankful for a review copy of a book that gave me an insider’s look at Travis Freeman the inspiration for the movie 23 Blast.  Lights Out; “is the rest of the story” the movie didn’t have time to tell. The book starts out in current time and then goes back to when Travis’s parents met which included the story of his arrival into this world, which was a miracle in itself.

Travis was raised in Eastern Kentucky, he says, “Life in the small town of Corbin revolves around family, church, neighborhood, and football – usually in that order. Every little boy – at least every little boy I knew – grew up with one dream: to become a Corbin Redhound, a member of the high-school football team.” Travis was no exception. In 4th Grade he was thrilled to become a water boy for the Redhounds; one step closer to being on the team.

Travis had accepted Christ into his heart July 1992 about a year before he went blind. He describes how things were for him, “Life would be a bit different now that my internal, spiritual light switched on. No drastically different from the outside – I’d still go to church and all – but my reasons for going would be changed. Now my life had the motivation of loving this Jesus who’d died on a cross for me. And rose again, conquering death, bringing life and light to all who accepted him. ….There was something mysterious and powerful, deep and unplumbed, within the pages of the bible.” Travis’s faith would get him through tough times ahead.

All was hopeful and bright until this young twelve year old boy developed a really bad headache that wouldn’t go away. It took a long time for the Dr’s to take this horrendous headache of Travis’ seriously. Once his dad got him to the hospital they rushed him into surgery (because of his high temp) to see what was going on. After surgery the lights went out for Travis. The Dr’s said that most patients with this high a temperature and serious Meningitis infection die in surgery and/or have permanent brain damage. This young man lost his sight but everything else was intact.

Travis and his family were part of an amazing small-town. Travis says, “Community pulls us through the dry stretches. Picture a marathon runner, parched and tired, trying to dig deep and find some energy for those last few miles. Then he sees a hand on the side, offering a cup of water.

The runner snatches the water, never slowing, never faltering. He gulps it. Pours the rest over his head. He is ready again. He’s renewed for the challenge ahead. Because of community.”

He is an overcomer. I was amazed that this young man was never angry about the fact he was blind. He was frustrated though with people and how they treated him as if he had a mental disorder. I appreciated his list of Do’s and Don’ts List – tips and tricks that “will help you engage with a blind person, but not lose your mind (or make him want to lose his) in the process. I found them very helpful. Some of these made it on film.

Travis says, “Everyone could create a do’s and don’ts list for the best way to interact. Because everyone – every single, solitary broken one of us – is disabled. Walk on broken one. Even if the lights go out.”

There is a touching and fun interview at the end of the book with his parents that is very interesting and up-lifting. This man is an inspiration. He goes on to say, “Here is the inexplicable truth that makes me open my unseeing eyes every morning and try again: Disability does not equal inability….Pay attention, broken one. Disability does not equal inability. We’re all handicapped. We’re disabled. But we aren’t done. We have an ability to be conducts of hope, kindness, love, joy, peace and inspiration to a crippled world. We can be an oasis in someone’s desert.”

Travis Freeman’s story will make you laugh, cheer, tug at your heart and have you look at him, being blind and the world around you with fresh eyes. This story is one you won’t soon forget.
I highly recommend this as a book club pick AND as a field trip for your book club to see the movie in theaters OCTOBER 24th. The film tells a powerful story, with its well-timed humor and viewers meet Travis and his family on camera at the end of the film. There are family photos inside this book too. The book compliments the movie. It’s a book that you’ll be telling your friends about. I give the book and the movie a thumbs up!




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  1. 1. I had heard of the story through Amazon, but I would not have beem able to immeditately recognize the name, Travis Freeman. I will now and especially after I read it. Here's hoping I can win a copy. Thank you for the opportunity.

    1. PLEASE Send me your email address so I can get your address. You were the only one to enter this drawing. So, you've won the book. Please contact me soon! THANKS!

  2. Glad you've stopped by. Travis Freeman is an inspiring and encouraging man. I'm thankful I've gotten to know him through the movie 23 Blast and also through his autobiography! All the best to you. I'll be posting the name randomly picked here on my blog!

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