ABOUT ACTRESS: Nicky Whelan stars in “Left Behind” opposite Nicolas Cage, out October 3, 2014. She will next be seen in the Terrence Malick film “Knight of Cups.” Nicky recently wrapped a showy supporting lead playing Nadia ‘The Hottest Girl in the World’ in “The Wedding Ringer” opposite Kevin Hart, Vince Vaughn and Josh Gad, set for release in 2015.

Nicky Whelan first garnered attention on the Australian hit “Neighbours” and has since been a mainstay in American comedy, with stints on “Scrubs, “Workaholics” and as one of the leads in the feature comedy “Hall Pass,” playing the object of Owen Wilson’s desire.

She can be seen starring in the first and second seasons of Crackle’s “Chosen” opposite Milo Ventimigllia.

Nicky’s latest project is one of the leads in the Robert Rodriguez-produced TV series “Matador” on the El Rey Network.'

Moderator: We also have on the call, Nicky Whelan. And Nicky has been involved in so many great movies, and different things, even some things she has set for release in 2015. I know Nicky you could even talk a little bit more about that. I know you just wrapped The Wedding Ringer with Kevin Hart, Vince Vaughn. I know that you have some things coming up and a lot of things that you have done. From Neighbors, to Scrubs, Workaholics, Hall Pass and I know that there’s a lot of, you know, things on the horizon where we’re seeing you kind of popping up all over the place. And even in Crackle’s Chosen, and Matador.

Nicky, thank you so much also for joining us today. And we just wanted to start out asking you about some of the unique parts you’ve played. You play a very pivotal and very important role in this movie. Maybe just start out just diving right in and telling us about your character (laughing). I know we haven’t shared a lot with everybody on this call about the different characters and the different people that everybody plays in this film. But can you just share with us about your role? Who Hattie is, and kind of what she brings to this movie.

Nicky Whelan: Absolutely. Hello everybody. Yea, usually you know, as Cassi has mentioned when I read the script it is a very character-driving script as well as extremely action-packed. But the particular thing you don’t really know a lot about Hattie when she sort of comes in, and she’s quite (laughing) promiscuous. Like we had this fabulous opening scene which we loved to shoot, Vic if you remember with the lipstick and the car and the whole setup and immediately off the bat from seeing Hattie, you say that there’s something going on with her and “Ray”. I think Hattie seems to be at the beginning a very basic character that’s quite immersed in the world of being an air hostess. She loves her job, that’s all she knows, you know. She sort of dresses up for work, it’s a whole production and obviously she’s got something going on, or hopes to have something going on with the captain, played by Nicolas Cage. And I think the beautiful thing about this character is, you know, you want to hate her. She’s a little bit promiscuous. She’s sort of going against the all the rules. It’s clearly obvious why she doesn't get taken, (laughing) in the rapture. 

However, me and Vic did discuss, you know, about making this character as human as possible in the sense that you know, throughout the movie these, the rapture occurs and we’re on a plane and you know, you don’t think much of her. She seems to be this quiet, you know, naughty air hostess, mincing about, flirting with the captain. And she becomes quite real and quite human and, and, and I think hopefully quite like likeable by the end of the movie, when you see how she decides to deal with things that happen on the plane. You know, she finds out, I don't know if I’m aloud to say this. She finds out that Nicolas is married and so she’s been, not only has she been betrayed by someone that she’s, you know planning on spending some time with and hopefully developing a relationship with. The world’s half-ending in a sense. (laughing) And she’s in a plane so there’s a lot taking place and she’s got to keep that as human as possible, and it was a journey that me and Vic discussed and we went on together and as Cassi also mentioned that Vic gave us a great deal of freedom on set to sort of play it how we would. And I remember the very first thing I had to shoot was me coming in hysterical and losing my mind.

 It was quite a challenge I've got to be honest because, there was nothing to sort of build from or anywhere to go from and we really had to be careful with Hattie. I don’t know, I hadn't read the books before I had started filming. I wasn't familiar with this story. I just read this cool action-packed movie with great cast in it, and then sort of learned more about it as I got more involved. But, you know it’s, it’s hard playing, as Vic said, and I think they've done a really good job of in this movie is, not only telling a story that rings true to a lot of people but also making a great action film. And I think we've managed to balance both out and I, if we go on to make, you know two and three of this movie my character gets (laughing) really interesting, so I find her, I find her a lot of fun to play and I was really embraced in this, Cassi and the girls had mentioned, it was a journey down there in Baton Rouge and we had an incredible team of people working together under strange circumstances, and really trying to make it come to life and as, as real as possible in such a crazy scenario, so.

Moderator: Yeah. It was intense as everybody obviously experienced on the set. What, regarding, you know the other roles that you've played or different things that you've done, what was different? Like that was unique about this? What kind of things did you even, as an actress have to, I know you kind of touched on a little bit of it but is there anything that really stands-out that you really felt you had to learn or do differently this time?

Nicky Whelan: I think, you know, I've always been so grateful for the roles I've booked over the years. I’ve predominately done comedy always and only over the last year, obviously doing a part of Chosen, and now being in Matador, I’m starting to do sort of more of those dramatic roles. And I still think even though it’s quite a serious story and it’s very dramatic, I liked being able to bring, “Hattie’s” a little bit comical, I don’t know does anyone agree, I don’t know like she kind of (laughing), I think we need a little bit of lightheartedness and there’s a, there’s sort of (inaudible) back and forth between her and “Ray.” It’s a little bit comical at the start. It sort of makes you smile. I think we need a few comic reliefs, a few smiles throughout the movie. And a lot of the characters actually on the plane bring that to the movie. But in particular, you know, I love to be a part of anything action and when you've got Vic Armstrong on board you know that, you know things are going to blow up, it’s going to be hot, it’s going to be rad (laughing). Let’s be honest. So, you know, as an actress to be a part and work with these particular people. And obviously of course getting to work alongside Nicolas Cage, he was someone you grow up watching your whole life so, you know, when you’re picking characters and things like that, a lot of the time, it’s not until you get to the set do you really realize how you’re going to handle and understand this character and until you get around the energy of other people, and actors, and the director, and really feel out this process. It’s something I’d never done before, I’d, you know and the circumstances are so extreme it’s interesting to see what you come up with as an actor on the spot. I remember we had to shoot my coverage of the plane crashing and coming down. And, I’m just sitting in a chair and they've got the hydraulics on the plane set throwing it round and you know it’s a challenge, as Jordin said as well, like you’re trying to bring to life, an extreme situation and it’s, for a human, as a person, as me, Nicky, like it’s interesting to see what I come up with and sort of what rattles me and I feel like we all got so immersed in our characters. And I really think that we brought it to life, and so I hope that everyone sees that, and enjoys it.

Moderator: That’s great. Alright, then can you also just tell us, quickly here, just what is the main thing that, apart from what you've told us about your character, that you feel like by the end of this movie, that she, you know without obviously giving away things that you can’t, but what did she struggle with the most, and what do you think she learned or was there anything you even, on a personal level kind of took away from what, this character is someone who, I think a lot of people won’t expect because, you know, they just expect to see stories of, oh who was the last, who was it? What’s their life like? But you, and Nicolas Cage’s character had a really important, just relationship and kind of what you dealt with and struggled through most of the movie. Is there something you could just share that just kind of stands out as what she really went through? As a woman?

Nicky Whelan: Well, I, she’s very, she, Hattie in particular is really immersed in her world. She’s living as an air hostess.  She’s not awake so to speak. And it’s interesting because how you view life in real life. I feel, a lot of people are sleeping through life. Sort of just getting on with it, getting it done, being sort of caught up in their own world, in their own dramas and their own everything. And she really, she seems like a character that’s really like that. She’s very, all her life is about is looking fabulous, getting on the plane and having an affair with the captain. Well not (inaudible), but you know. She’s so caught up in her world and you know I think with any sort of world catastrophe like this is what happens and all of a sudden everybody wakes up. Or do they? You know, and I think that’s what happens to her on this plane. I think she’s all of a sudden for the first time in her entire life. Not only is half the world left, she also is being hit on a lot of personal levels. She goes through a lot and what I love is what Vic helped me choose and what we discussed was making her, at the end you see some really redeeming qualities in Hattie and at the start you’re not so sure about her. And it’s hard to play the character that’s, you, you know I could have played this quite hard and quite, you know ruthless, and not bitchy but just very self-driven but I think throughout the movie you see her break down and what people really go through as humans when they’re faced with these problems and in Hattie’s case, she, she really redeems herself on a lot of levels. Personal levels, and you see that, and I think you can go away from the film with a bit of love for her and I’m so grateful that Vic and I chose that as a way to let the movie end. Let me tell you if we come back and make two, I think she turns again. I mean, she might have bi-polar (laughing). But, she’s so funny. Like, I don’t know, anyways, just towards the end of the film I think you, from starting out sort of being this quiet, you’ll see. As toward the end, I think we grow a bit of love for her and I hope that comes through and that’s one of the really important things is, Hattie’s journey, who she was, and who she becomes after she gets hit with some pretty heavy things and I think that it’s a good testament to everyone in their life, what is your wake up call? Do you know what I mean?

Moderator: No that’s really good. Yep, and I think everyone who has kind of touched on the fact that there’s a lot of questions, a lot of things that anybody seeing this movie and kind of just grapple with throughout life and I think it’s, it’s really appropriate in this time, even in our world right now and, and you know, we've had some questions come in that are kind of even along these lines and everyone has, you know already touched on this so well. Paul, there’s a question that’s actually come in for you which I think falls right in line with this. Just in regard to, you know, there are shows that I think Jordin mentioned, The Leftovers and a lot of things in popular culture right now. There’s a lot of rapture-like stories out there. Paul, how do you see and how can you explain to everybody here, what this film speaks to and how it is different from some of the things or maybe how it’s alike, how it’s like a lot of the things that are out right now. Can you just share with us a little bit about, kind of the whole concept of what you hope that people take away? Or what people will find in this movie, again without giving away too much?

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