EXCITED to see an advanced screening — with Steve Carell and Jenifer Garner at Regal Perimeter Point Stadium 10 GA of ALEXANDER and The Terrible,Horrible, NO Good, Very Bad Day tonight with my sons. It was great family fun. We laughed out-loud - jumped for joy and went ohmygosh along with the family in the film. 

The place was packed out everyone was anxiously awaiting Disney's newest release. I was glad we were there two hours early. There was a long line to get in. The line wrapped along the theater. Right before we entered the theater there was three men in suits holding flash lights. I had put my tickets into my person and then noticed that a man was trying to put a flashlight inside. I didn't know what he was doing. When I asked he said they were making sure that I didn't have a devise in my purse to record the movie I was about to see. Later when every was in the theater they asked everyone to turn off their phones. They would be going around the movie theater with night vision glasses and taking cellphones away from people if they were one. This was our first pre-screening of a Disney film. They were very serious about protecting their movie. 

This film hits Theaters OCTOBER 10th. I highly recommend this movie for the entire family. It has a great message. One of them is in the CLIP BELOW!! CHECK IT OUT!!

Different Drummer has created a FREE STUDY GUIDE to create Family discussions. CLICK this link to get the guide They also have pictures from the movie there!!

Here are just two of the questions from the study guide. I like how they set it up for your family to talk about things they normally wouldn't!

Q: When have you felt like it was the end of the world? How did it get better?

Q: When have unexpected events challenged your expectations? How did you overcome
them or change your expectations?

It's a short book with great questions, fun pictures and its a great way to generate family discussions and create memories!

I am thankful for the opportunity to see this movie and tell you about it. I give it a THUMBS UP - GREAT FUN for the WHOLE FAMILY!!

Until next screening!!

Nora :o)
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