ABOUT AUTHOR: Linda Evans Shepherd, has empowered thousands across North America and Europe to release their burdens to God and walk closer with him. No matter that many in Linda's audiences arrive worried and disconnected, they leave refreshed; with a deeper trust in God.

Linda says, "My favorite moment is the point where people 'get' my message. That's the point everyone appears to receive an instant face lift and to lose twenty pounds of worry. What joy to see these precious ones trust God more deeply."

Linda is a nationally known Christian speaker and a best-selling author of over thirty books. She's the President of Right to the Heart Ministries, and the founder of . Her online and speaking ministries have seen well over 350 thousand people come to Christ and is seen by over 45,000 people daily.

You've mentioned to me that you come from a long line of funny story tellers. I’d like to start out this interview with a funny story to show a side of you readers don’t often see. Can you tell us a funny story?

Every night my parents, little brother and I would sit around the dinner table and share the funny adventures of our day.  However, there was one story I never told my family. A story I am finally willing to share with you.
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The end of the sixties was a magical time to be a child, especially on Christmas Eve when a jolly red-velvet clad Santa Claus actually rang our doorbell.  Me and my brother along with my best friend Jodie Ann, who lived two doors down, would visit with Santa about our Christmas wishes while our parents snapped photos.

Then the miracle. The next morning my tree would be filled with the same baby doll, the same skates, the same pogo stick that my friend Jodie Ann also received.  Before lunch, the two of us would visit each other’s homes, amazed at our duplicate toys.  And this particular Christmas was no different.  For when I received a single walkie talkie radio, I instinctively knew that Jodie had the matching unit beneath her tree. 

wasn't disappointed. That very afternoon, Jodie and I found ourselves hiding in our own yards as we pretended to be Maxwell Smart and the beautiful Agent 99 from the popular black and white sitcom Get Smart.  We’d radio our plans to each other; plans to defeat the evil organization ‘Chaos’ in a delightful game of make-believe. But after a while we tired of fighting the bad guys and decided to change roles and become the bad guys ourselves.
I buzzed Jodie through my walkie talkie, “Let’s rob First National Bank!”
“I’ll drive the getaway car,” Jodie radioed back.

“Good. I’ll bring the rope so we can tie everyone up.”

Our walkie talkies resounded with our make-believe plans, that is, until a man’s voice blared out of our radios, “This is the police.  We've heard your plans to rob the bank.  We know who you are, where you are, and we’re coming to get you.”

Jodie and I both popped out of the bushes we were hiding in and ran to the yard between our houses. “I don’t want to go to jail,” she cried.

“Me either! My mom would be so mad.”

 “Don’t you think we could tell the police we’re just kids?”

“They heard what we said! I don’t think we can prove we were only pretending.”

“What shall we do?”

We've got to hide!”

The next thing we knew, Jodie and I hid in the one place the two of us had never hidden before.  We spent the rest of Christmas day under Jodie’s bed until her Mom insisted we come out and I go home to have dinner with my family.

No the police were not waiting for me when I turned myself in to sit at the dinner table.  But there’s no question about it; the man on the radio was a real cop.  As it turned out, the town’s police radios really did share the same frequency as our Christmas walkie talkies.

So as you can see, my life as a communicator came from humble beginnings.  My first lesson?  If you combine the power of communication with an interested audience, you can change the world – at least the world as you've known it.  

Nora: Oh, Linda this is a GREAT Story. Thanks for sharing it and about the Lesson learned. I'm THRILLED to have you here at TBCN and excited at the fact that Revell is giving away 5 copies of your New book The Stress Cure.

My husband Fred and I were excited to catch up with you at the AWSA Banquet downtown Atlanta this past summer.
Patti Hill, Linda, Fred and Myself at AWSA Banquet 2014

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