A Mom’s Prayer for Her Son
By Rob and Joanna Teigen
Published by Revell
187 Pages

Back Cover: When a mother looks into the eyes of her son for the first time, her heart is filled with love--and questions. How do I raise a boy? What struggles will he go through? What kind of a man will he grow up to be? She wants to pray for her son, but may not know just what to pray for.

Now the couple who brought you A Dad's Prayers for His Daughter turns to a mother's unique relationship with her son. They assure Mom that even if she isn't always sure what kind of support her son needs, God always knows. Providing specific prayers moms can use, along with stories from other moms about how God has answered their prayers for their sons, Rob and Joanna Teigen give women a strong foundation to build a lifelong habit of prayer for their sons. They also explain a little more about boys and what they need to learn growing up, including character, courage, self-control, forgiveness, and more, so a mom can pray for every area of her son's life

REVIEW: I’m thankful for the review copy from The Book Club Network that helped me pray more effectively and confidently for my sons. The author says, “As I look at both of my boys, I see with absolute certainty that every good thing in them lives and their hearts’ has come from God. No matter who much I care for and love them, I can’t make them who I want them to be. I can’t keep them safe. I can’t control their future in their choices. I can’t be the perfect mother to tell myself they need. I look at them and at myself and realized that without God, we are lost.

As that truth has taken deeper root in my heart and mind, it has pushed me to pray like never before. For many of my parenting years, I took a “my work plus prayer will get it done.” approach. And while I am devoted to all five of my children, I now see that in the end my efforts will fade away compared to what the lord brings about in their lives.

There is freedom found in placing my children in God’s hands. When I release them to him I am set free from worry. When I trust him to work out his salvation in their lives, I don’t have to be their conscious and their judge. When I meditate on his constant love and mercy toward them, I can let go of resentment and anger over their weakness…when I pray and let God be God to them, I am free to just be me….As I pray I hear, “Little one, Little one, you can rest. I hear you. I love you. I love your child. I am here and I will always be. Be still and wait because I am going to do more than you can imagine.” And I dry my tears and take a deep breath and I have peace.”

I like how this book is set up to make it easy reference to find the prayers you need when you need it. Samples of prayer titles: All start out FOR WHEN HE NEEDS;  God’s salvation, When He’s angry, Afraid, Angry, Feels inferior, Needs to tell the truth, Needs wisdom, When he’s proud, He’s grieving, When he’s stressed, Rejected, Attached by enemy, Pressure to fit in, Negative attitude, When I don’t know how to pray.

Prayers start out with scriptures typed out for easy reference and gives translation she quotes from. Then she gives the prayers. Here’s a sample, “Lord, My son looks at everyone around him and feels that he doesn’t measure up. He doesn’t feel strong, smart or talented. He doesn’t feel valued or appreciated.

My son has forgotten who you say he is. Your Word says he is made in your image, and that what you made is very good. (Gen 1:27-31. He needs assurance that his life is not merely an accident, but lovingly planned and created by you in every detail. Give him the power to trust in your incredible love for him that is beyond our understanding.

…Use me to build up my son. Show me how to encourage him when he’s feeling down… THANK YOU for creating my son and allowing me to share in his life. You are everything he needs – let him find his strength and joy in you. Amen.”

This book has encouraged me and changed my prayer life. I know it will you too!

Nora St.  Laurent
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