Eyes of Justice
By Lis Weihl with April Henry
Published by Thomas Nelson
Audio Book Unabridged

Back Cover: When One of the Triple Threat Is Murdered, All Eyes Turn to Justice.
Cassidy, Allison, and Nicole fight for justice everyday—Cassidy as a crime reporter, Nicole as an FBI agent, and Allison as a federal prosecutor. Together they’re a Triple Threat to be reckoned with. A force that, together, has solved the toughest mysteries.

Until a ruthless killer finds a way to isolate and murder one of the three.
When the authorities keep the survivors at arm’s length in the investigation, the women’s desire for justice goes into overdrive. They find an unexpected ally in a quirky private investigator named Ophelia whose unorthodox methods seem to offer a possible breakthrough in the case.

Yet just as the police appear to have the killer in custody and justice within sight, the murderer strikes again. Not knowing whom to trust, the team must engage in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse where nothing can be taken at face value . . . and nothing will ever be the same.

REVIEW: I bought this audiobook when it was on sale and look for books to listen to in my care because I have a long commute to work. I had read book one in this series titled, Face of Betrayal and I was curious how things worked out for this team. I liked the unique relationship of these three professional women had that I read about in book one.  The first book wasn’t too graphic with describing the crime scenes and how people were murdered in the story. I’m a chicken at heart and don’t like books that are very violent in nature but I enjoyed book one.

This last book in the series was very graphic and honestly hadn’t it not been for the fact that it was an audio book I listened to in the car on the way to work I probably would not have finished reading it.  This story had more violence graphically spelled out than I typically read.  This was a fast paced compelling drama I kept listening to because I wanted to know who killed Cassidy. Since I have a long ride to work listening to this novel made time in traffic pass more quickly and the narrator’s voice was pleasant and reflective of the suspense unfolding in each chapter.

Warning: This book is not for the faint of heart. It’s also not for someone who has recently lost a loved one and/or who recently had a close friend or family member murdered. This is a tough read without all that into play emotionally.

The triple thread is minus one crime reporter; Cassidy! Nicole is an FBI Agent, and Allison is a Federal Prosecutor. All three women were a forced to be reckoned with and were a useful team solving the toughest mysteries.

Allison and Nicole want justice for their friends’ murder. The police find a suspect. But Allison and Nicole are having a problem with the evidence pointing to their suspect. As much as they want seek justice they want the right man. There is another murder. Looks like the police definitely don’t know who murdered Cassidy. Allison and Nicole brain storm and look at all the evidence for clues.

Who would want to kill Cassidy? That’s the question! Cassidy was so full of life and so much fun to hang out with.  This case was very personal for Allison and Nicole. Things were about to heat up for them on many levels as they use their positions to push the limits to get clues and get answers.

I agree with a reviewer that said this book is, “A riveting triple threat mystery that will leave listeners shocked and satisfied.” It’s also sad. This is the last book in the Triple Threat series. You can read this book as a standalone and not feel lost but in order to get to know Cassidy and understand the deep relationship she had with Allison and Nicole you’ll have to check out the other mysteries. If you love mysteries and suspense this series is the one for you.

Nora St. Laurent
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