By Theresa L. Rowe
Published by Guidepost
244 Pages

Back Cover: An uplifting informative guide to looking, feeling and becoming your best from a positive, inspiring and attractive role-modela great book for any woman who feels out of balance or out of shape. Personal coach and fitness instructor Theresa Lee Rowe shares the ten simple secrets of whole-person wellness that lead to increased strength and energy, self-esteem and joy. This easy-to-follow guidebook encourages each reader to develop her core -her body's as well as her soul's-and build stamina, develop flexibility and more, to find the true fitness God means for her. Shaped by Faith also includes practical information on exercise and attitude, reflections on scripture, plus Theresa's 25-minute stretching and strengthening work-out DVD.

REVIEW: I’m thankful for a review copy that introduced me to Theresa Rowe fitness instructor. I had met Theresa at a conference; we ate lunch together with her husband Robin a few months ago. I found her to be transparent, fun and someone who loves to laugh. I was eager to learn her thoughts about exercise in her book she says, “….without God as the focus- the point- of my workout routines, I would soon reach my plateau. What’s more, as I engage in the constant challenge of maintaining a healthy body, God’s spiritual truths take on new, stronger meaning and applications in my life. I have gone thru many trials, and I know that my ability to overcome them stemmed from both physical and spiritual core. That is whole-person wellness at its best – our spirits and bodies working together to make us healthier, holier, and more able to endure.”
I liked Theresa’s approach to wellness. It’s more than just exercise. We are multifaceted people, running at a frantic pace getting nowhere. She says we don’t take time to stop, enjoy the beauty God has made and listen to what our bodies need from us in order to perform at its best. Inside Shaped by Faith Theresa shares 10 secrets to strengthening our body and soul. As a bonus there is a stretch and strength workout DVD inside this informative, encouraging hard back book. I liked the prayers Theresa included at the end of each chapter to focus on an aspect she just covered in her book.

The chapters are broken down as follows: Listen, Breathe, Partner, Stretch, Align, Transform, Center, Balance, Endure and Rest. She also has a Putting it into Practice section which is a 12 months plan to wholeness inside and out. There are nutrition tips and some basic information to help you have a balanced diet. She has Cross Training Routine ideas; she says, “Cross Training reduces the risk of injury from over using key muscles and allows you to work the cardio vascular system in a variety of ways that will keep you motivated and moving forward.”

In the back of the book she has heart healthy information, and exercises for seniors. I found the sections on listening and breathing to be most enlightening. I hadn’t really made the connection about how important these two things; we do every day without thinking are to my wellbeing. Theresa says, “…paying attention to our physical health is so important that it could even mean the difference between life and death. If I had not listened to my body, I would have died from cardiac arrest.”

The Doctors couldn’t believe Theresa had heart issues at such a young age but Theresa pressed them to look closer because something wasn’t right inside.  They did and rushed her into immediate surgery to fix the hole in her heart. I liked how this book wove Theresa’s personal testimony through talking about the benefits of certain exercises. Theresa says, “One of the biggest lies our culture tells us is that good health is easily attainable….Exercise requires commitment, it also takes commitment to hear God speak, and to walk out wellness.”

She has a quote by philosopher William James in her book, “The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude. As you think, so shall you be.” Scripture talks about the renewing of our mind and putting on the armor of God to fight the good fight.

I’m not someone who “loves” to exercise. It do it because it’s medicine and/or something good for me; like taking vitamins for my body to perform better. Theresa’s exercise DVD’s are encouraging on so many levels. She quotes scripture all the way through exercise Shaped by Faith video. Her voice is soothing and speaking scripture out gave me an inner strength and encouragement to complete the task at hand. It also filled me with a peace and inspiration only the word of God could give me! It’s a winning combination I didn’t get by doing other DVD’s by Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and others. When I was done I felt energized in my body and spirit.

If you are looking to start an exercise program for the New Year and or for the very first time I highly recommend this book and the DVD.  It’s refreshing workout for the body and the soul.

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The First 100 pages are view for you to read. Theresa has a great outlook on exercise and is an inspiration to many!

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  1. Theresa Rowe mentioned you in a comment.
    Theresa wrote: "Thank YOU Nora St.Laurent for a great interview! I love what you write! Have you considered writing a book my friend? Love YOU Nora St.Laurent and thanks for this opportunity! Hope to work with you in the near future! Double Blessings to You and Fred St Laurent! Beautiful couple doing God's Kingdom Work on this earth! You both have amazing God stories to share!" This is what Theresa wrote on my FB pge I wanted to share it here! I'm EXCITED to Theresa!