The Paleo Chef
By Pete Evans
Published by Ten Speed Press
215 Pages

Back Cover: “Pete Evans emphasizes the deep significance of what we put into our bodies in his new cookbook, The Paleo Chef. His recipes educate us about a way of eating in accordance with our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. This beautiful book takes the mystery out of the confusing topic of what to eat to be free of wheat, gluten, grain, refined sugar, and dairy. It empowers the reader to create truly divine, nourishing, and wholesome meals with grace and ease.”
—Joshua Rosenthal, founder and director of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

REVIEW: I’m thankful for the review copy of a book that introduced me to Chef Pete Evans and the Paleo diet. This hard back cook book is informative and the recipes look yummy. Chef Seamus Mullen introduces readers to Chef Pete Evans and says, “No chef I know is nearly as passionate as Pete Evans when it comes to eating for health and happiness and making sure not to forget the pleasure…In Pete’s kitchen, eating for nourishment is pleasurable and passionate and full of love. As we've strayed father from the foods we ate in the recent past, we've begun to pay the price with longer, sicker lives…Pete brilliantly creates food that is at once both familiar and innovative, all the while up-ending the conventional notions of what it means to eat for wellness.”

Pete Evans has been in the cooking business for 25 years, has written other cookbooks and has been on T.V. cooking shows. This was all new to me. The author says, “I love food. I love how the effortless way it brings people together, its ability to create treasured memories, and most of all, the way it provides the foundation for a vibrant, enlightening, and nourished life.”

Paleo is a way of life for this Chef and his family. I appreciated the fact that the chef started this book with ten things you need to know about Paleo, to help you fully understand the concept of the plan. He talks briefly about the Cave is optional; It is a way of life; Not a gimmick or a diet; Why do it?; What to eat and drink; What not to eat; We’re not fat and carb haters; Find balance with omega fatty acids; Breathe deeply and Move often; Outdoors and with others; Restore your rest and bliss, Learn lots and think positively. All Good stuff!

Pete says he wanted to create recipes that were flavorful and easy to make because no one has time to do more. He wants readers to see the Paleo way of life and his book as a party, not a chore. He states, “You need to see it as packed with gifts and rewards, not as weird or deprived.”
He talks about a few ingredients and how people do the Paleo diet differently. I found this section helpful and very informative. He discusses Activated nuts, Eggs, Ghee, Maple syrup, Meat Poultry, Quinoa, Raw Honey, Salt, Seafood and Tamari.

He spends a few pages talking about the power of fermented food. He answers the question what exactly do fermented foods do for you? Amazing information.

I loved that this book included beautiful color pictures for every recipe. He breaks the recipes down into these categories Breakfast, Vegetables, Sides and Snacks, Seafood, Poultry, Meat, Dessert, Drinks and Basics. I want to try every recipe in this book. A few that will be first on my list are Sweet potato roast with poached egg, Zucchini and fennel fritters, Cauliflower Rice, Fish and Chips, Roasted Chicken Thighs, Poached shrimp with avocado, Cauliflower Friend Rice with Chicken, Chocolate beet mud cake, Mixed berry cheese cake, Apple-Berry crumble, Chocolate avocado mousse, Pumpkin Pie and Churro with chocolate sauce.

The recipes have easy to read instructions, He gives the servicing sizes for each dish. He also talks a little bit about each meal before the instructions. I liked that. Many of the ingredients are easy to find in a regular grocery store but there are a few ingredients like young green coconuts that could be a challenge to find the first time. I do believe it will be worth the hunt. You don’t have to be on the Paleo diet to enjoy these delicious looking meals; it’s a win win for everyone!

Nora St Laurent
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