Where Rivers Part
By Kellie Coates Gilbert
Published by Revell
336 Pages

Book Cover: Following in her estranged father's footsteps, Dr. Juliet Ryan has devoted her scientific acumen to corporate America, providing safe drinking water for millions--and affording her plenty of perks along the way. Then, without warning, a fast-moving disaster sweeps Juliet into a whirlpool of corporate scandal and puts lives at risk. As she scrambles to find answers, Juliet must face her deepest wounds and join forces with her father to expose a far-reaching conspiracy. Underneath it all, she struggles to forgive those who betrayed her trust--not least of all her own father.

Kellie Coates Gilbert's emotionally complex and gripping novel fearlessly explores the seduction of success, the fear of giving up control, and the redemptive power of learning to forgive those who have hurt us most. Like a mighty river with twists and turns and hidden rocks, this story will sweep readers relentlessly along until the satisfying conclusion.

REVIEW: I’m thankful for the review copy of a book that had me look at the food regulations we have in place in a whole new light. This is a compelling story about Dr. Juliet Ryan who’s on the front line and in charge of keeping America’s food products safe.

This author shows readers that when,“Companies are driven by the almighty dollar; they always put safety in the back seat.”

This is what Juliet’s father said to her when she landed her dream job with a big corporation. She had devoted her scientific acumen providing safe drinking water for millions. The Dr. was out to prove her father wrong. At one point she looked up to her dad even followed in his footsteps and worked in the same profession. But Juliet’s dad missed the opportunity to work together when he cheated on his wife, Carol. Her mom. She didn’t trust him therefore they could not be a team and/or support one another. Her mom; Carol forgave him because of her new found faith. It worked for her but Juliet wasn't buying it.

I liked how this author showed a spiritual situation I haven’t seen much in Christian fiction. Juliet’s mom gets saved and her family isn't happy about it. Juliet’s dad says, “What do you mean you’re born again?” to Dad’s credit he tried to talk his wife out of it. “Carol, what sense does it make that a man died and then three days later he came alive again? That’s scientifically impossible.”

…”In the end, Juliet’s father accepted his wife’s faith. Juliet did too. They didn’t really have a choice. And it seemed to help her with everything.”

I liked how this author dealt with the internal battle being waged for Juliet’s soul and heart as she struggled to do the right thing in the middle of impossible circumstances that were growing bigger every day.

This story reminded a little of two movies one was The Firm with Tom Cruise. His character in the movie gets hired by the greatest company ever until things get a little crazy. Then he seeks to get out of the job and situation alive. The second movie is Erin Brockovich with Julia Roberts. Erin was gathering evidence to sue the big company for damages done to people because of the plant. In this novel Juliet is seeking to find missing data on the inside of the big company hoping not to get caught and/or killed doing so.

This was an emotionally charged, eye opening story I couldn’t stop reading; it is so relevant to today. The authors experience as a legal investigator gives fresh eyes to this story and makes it suspenseful, informative and realistic as she describes the E.Coli out break with a whole new dynamic.

It made me think about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and how some Dr.’s have been quarantined in the Center in Atlanta, GA. This is the deadliest outbreak since its discovery in 1978. We take so much for granted what is being done to make the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe safe. Sometimes things can go awry. This story is about one of those times. I highly recommend this as a book club pick. There is so much to talk about. You won’t soon forget these characters or their situation.

Nora St Laurent
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