Gaps Diet Made Easy
By Lynda Warwick
ISBN# 9781500962883
67 Pages

Back Cover: If you are the parent with a child that has been diagnosed with Autism you need to read this book.
Many symptoms have been greatly reduced or completely eliminated by following the GAPS Diet created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-Mcbride.

REVIEW: This small book simply maps out the GAPS Diet – What it is all about. “The purpose of the GAPS diet is to do away with the negative reactions you may be having with food. Over a course consisting of six stages, food will be reintroduced to your body…The GAPS diet is an amazing way of eating while detoxifying the digestion system. Many people have problems in their gut and they don’t know that there is an answer to the unhealthy and uncomfortable way they are feeling.” That was me!

I was motivated to try this diet when my friend suggested it to me. She told me that it worked for her mother. I should give it a try. I have known that our medical system is set up to help us take away the pain in our bodies and often do not get to the root cause of why we have the pain in the first place. I know I wasn’t searching for a cause of my stomach pain either. The pills worked to stop the pain period the end.  My current motivation to start the diet was the fact that I had just learned the stomach medicine I’d been on for years makes your bones brittle.  I was afraid to stop taking the medicine because I remember how painful eating without medication was. But the thought of breaking bones when I got older didn’t thrill me either.

The first day on the diet was amazing. I couldn’t believe I went a whole day without stomach pain but then again I was eating bone broth for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’d never done that either. I did that for the first week and then went on to the next. Again another week without pain. Amazing!

I had originally gotten the guidelines for the GAPS diet on-line. And checked out blogs where the people had gone through the program. I read about their reactions and eating plans. I didn’t want to read 392 page book by Dr. Campbell just yet. So, this little booklet gave me enough to make sense of the eating plan I had already got on-line and it included some recipes that go along with each stage of the diet. On the original book by Dr. Natasha Campbell – McBride M.D. she says this naturally helps Dyspraxia, Austim, A.D.D., Dyslexia, A.D.H.D., Depression and Schizophrenia. I’m dyslexic I was surprised at the array of people this type of diet helped.  Lynda Warwick’s subtitle is How to Beat Autism with food. Eating the Right Food to Succeed on the GAPS Diet.

I’ve been on this plan now for 7 weeks. It’s a miracle I’ve gone this long without any stomach pain. It’s the longest I’ve ever gone without stomach medicine of some kind to help with tremendous stomach pain because of food.  I’m encouraged.

A reviewer said, “The author Lynda Warwick, uses ingredients and foods not allowed on the GAPS diet, such as sugar, flour, starchy beans, vegetable oils and others. Implementing the GAPS Introduction Diet she recommends foods not allowed on different stages of the diet. For these reasons I cannot recommend this book even though she has credited me for my work and my book Gut & Psychology Syndrome GAPS.”
This statement made me look back at the website I followed www. and saw this person was right. The website had more detail which was important to each stage. I’m on the 7th week of the GAPS diet so this book is perfect for me. I can eat all the recipes in this book at this stage.
I’m excited about all the recipes in this little book. I’ve tried the Zucchini Fritters, Bone Soup, Recipes I’d like to try, Dairy-Free Smoothie, Nut Free Dairy Free Bread, Egg on a Raft, Miso Soup, Kombucha Tea Probiotic Smoothie, Pumpkin Soup, Apple Ginger Roasted Chicken, Cooked Apples, Almond and Cranberry bars, Kimchi Breakfast Salad with sliced Apples, Apple Cinnamon Granola and so many more.

Lynda simply lays out each stage with recipes for each stage included in the mix. For more detail on foods, regular and fermented check out the website www.  This helps you “Move from stage to stage as your body allows – you may repeat previous stages of the GAPS diet if needed; due to digestive problems”

This is not a diet to lose weight. It’s a diet to understand what foods are upsetting your body. It’s a way of healing your leaky gut. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how this plan has worked for me. I didn’t think it was possible to eat and not have tremendous pain. It’s a wonderful thing to be pain free and medicine free!

Nora St Laurent
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