In Good Company
By Jen Turano
Published by Bethany House
215 Pages

Back Cover: After growing up as an orphan, Millie Longfellow is determined to become the best nanny the East Coast has ever seen. Unfortunately, her playfulness and enthusiasm aren't always well-received and she finds herself dismissed from yet another position.

Everett Mulberry has quite unexpectedly become guardian to three children that scare off every nanny he hires. About to depart for Newport, Rhode Island, for the summer, he's desperate for competent childcare.

At wit's end with both Millie and Everett, the employment agency gives them one last chance--with each other. As Millie falls in love with her mischievous charges, Everett focuses on achieving the coveted societal status of the upper echelons. But as he investigates the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of the children's parents, will it take the loss of those he loves to learn whose company he truly wants for the rest of his life?

REVIEW:  I had so much fun hanging out with Miss Longfellow and Mr. Mulberry in this historical fiction novel. At first this story reminded me of Mary Poppins professional nanny; who did things a little differently than most. The kids loved her and the parents questioned her methods. Mr. Everett Mulberry says to Miss Longfellow; “Where are the children?”

“They are perfectly fine, Mr. Everett. I’ve tied them up in the nursery.”

“Forgive me, but you didn’t just say you’ve tied up the children, did you?”

“Indeed I did…Oh, I’ve never tied children up before today. Before you dismiss me – something your expression clearly states you long to do – the whole tying-up business was the children’s idea.”

“You would have me believe they wanted you to tie them up?”

“Don’t be silly. If you must know, they insisted on tying me up first; but obviously, since I’m standing in front of you, I was able to free myself…In the spirit of fair play, I convinced them it was their turn to be held captive.”

As the story went along and Miss Longfellow got to know Mr. Everett Mulberry and his 3 wards the story had elements of the Sound of Music. Then near the end the story reminded me of the Cinderella movie titled Ever After with Drew Barrymore. There was an elegant ball and a mystery that needed to be solved. There was so much I enjoyed about this novel. I adored Miss Millie Longfellow; she was creative in interacting with the children, she had spunk and wit. I also enjoyed the authors quirky and love-able secondary characters. Oh, there is someone to dislike too, Caroline. She was just mean.

I also adored the fact that Millie was fascinated by words. She took great delight in discovering a new word and trying to use it properly. One of Millie’s friends Lucetta says to Millie, “What a wonderful use of the word disposed.”

“Millie turned to Lucetta, “I learned it just today – from Mrs. Cutling, of all people – As well as the word abhorrent, but I haven’t yet been able to fit that appropriately into any of my conversations so far.”

This author is creative, and witty, as she sprinkled in plenty of humor, twists and turns and fun dialogue. I was hooked from the first line, “Consider yourself dismissed. Effective…immediately.” I instantly connected with Millie and felt bad about her situation! My heart went out to her as she put her whole-being into whatever she did. She wasn’t a quitter. 

I loved hanging out with these larger than life believable characters who maneuvered the rules and manners of rich society. This is the first novel I’ve read by this amazing author, it definitely won’t be the last. 

I highly recommend this delightful read for pure fun. It would make a great read for your book club pick as well. There is so much in here. It will leave you wanting more! You'll be searching out the other books this author has written! I know I did!

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