My New Roots
By Sarah Britton
265 Pages

Back Cover: At long last, Sarah Britton, called the “queen bee of the health blogs” by Bon Appétit, reveals 100 gorgeous, all-new plant-based recipes in her debut cookbook, inspired by her wildly popular blog.

Every month, half a million readers—vegetarians, vegans, paleo followers, and gluten-free gourmets alike—flock to Sarah’s adaptable and accessible recipes that make powerfully healthy ingredients simply irresistible. My New Roots is the ultimate guide to revitalizing one’s health and palate, one delicious recipe at a time: no fad diets or gimmicks here. Whether readers are newcomers to natural foods or are already devotees, they will discover how easy it is to eat healthfully and happily when whole foods and plants are at the center of every plate.

REVIEW: The author’s passion for eating plant based food spills off the pages of her new cook book. She is excited to help people learn that plant based foods are great for you and can taste amazing. I checked out several videos on her blog My New Roots. There is one I watched that featured several healthy desserts you can eat for breakfast that are in this book. They looked yummy!

Sarah Britton’s food philosophy is to put whole-food and plants at the center of every plate. This book is a “guide to revitalizing your health and your palate.” The author states, “…eating season and local is a priority for me, as this not only helps my body acclimate to the extend environment but also contribute to the health of the environment in choosing foods in summer, such as crispy, calorie-dense food like pumpkins and beets to fuel us through winter seasons have flavor.”

Instead of relying on readymade and packaged foods from the store this author helps readers develop essential techniques that will have you stay the course in your whole-food eating journey. She has pictures and detailed information in how to use the kitchen daily to: 1. How to cook dried legumes
2. How to cook grains
3. How to make ghee
4. How to make nut and seed milk
5. How to make nut and seed butter
6. How to grow your own sprouts
7. What the Holy Trinity of flavor is – salt, sugar, acid – there is a checklist chart for readers to add a pinch of this and that to come up with just the right flavor for their meal.
I loved the beautiful color photos throughout this hard back cookbook. I liked this author’s variety of recipes. Many I can’t wait to try. I liked that this author had helpful symbols on each recipe like gf - Gluten Free,v - Vegan,  a clock symbol  which meant this Recipe requires planning ahead or has a make a-head element to it. A quarter moon symbol means this recipe takes 8 hours or more or overnight. 

The recipes are broken down into different seasons. In the chapter of SPRING – I’d like to try – Freekeh Pancakes with wilted Swiss Chard and Poached Eggs, Spring Cabbage Wraps with Couscous, Za’Atar and Spicy Tahini dressing, Oyster Mushroom Bisque, Quinoa Risotto with Grilled Scrapes and Arugula.

EARLY SUMMER – Multigrain Carrot Cake Porridge with Pecan Crunch, Fully Loaded Breakfast Bars, Sorrel Hummus, Grilled Zucchini and Green Onions with Baby Spinach, Real Deal Ginger Ale, Pina Colada Passion Fruit Popsicles.

LATE SUMMER – Blueberry Cardamom Chia Pudding, Sparkling Mint Melonade, Sundown Carrot and Grilled Corn Salad.

AUTUMN – Green Galaxy Smoothie Bowl with Buckwheat Crisps, Hazelnut Flatbread with Maple Spice Pumpkin Butter, Warm Spinach, Bacon, and Egg Salad, Red Onion Lentil Soup with Manchego Toasts, Banoffee Pie.

WINTER – Ginger-Rosemary Roasted Grapefruit with Macadomia Nut Cream, Chipoltel Sweet Potato and Trumpet Mushroom Breakfast Tacos, Cranberry Carrot Loaf, Roasted Parsnips with Pomegranate Glaze and Za’Atar – Creamy Eggnog Milkshake.

There is also a helpful section on stocking your pantry at the end. I’m thrilled about meeting this author and her book. I can’t wait to start making the recipes I’ve listed and many more. This is a book I’ll be referring to often. It’s a keeper!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Blogging for books for my honest opinion All opinions expressed are my own.

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