The Wonder of You
By Susan May Warren
Published by Tyndale
ISBN# 978-1-4143-7845-9
332 Pages

Back Cover: Mortified after her semester abroad is cut short, Amelia Christiansen returns to Deep Haven, certain she isn’t brave enough for the adventures she’s dreamed of. The last thing she expects is for the man who broke her heart to cross the Atlantic and beg forgiveness.

Heir to a European hotel dynasty, Roark St. John has trekked from one exotic locale to another, haunted by tragedy and the expectations that accompany his last name. Amelia is the first woman to give him a reason to stop running. He’ll do anything for a second chance—even contend with Amelia’s old flame, who is intent on sending Roark packing.

While one surprise after another leaves Amelia reeling, Roark’s continued presence only highlights the questions pursuing her. Like him, is she running from the life God has called her to? Could finding her new place mean leaving home behind?

REVIEW: Best novel in this series so far!! I enjoyed every second of this wild ride. The author made me laugh-out-loud with her well timed humor, bit my nails in the suspenseful parts and smile the rest of the time because I was having so much fun!

What made it so much fun? Glad you asked! The book (before this one) Always on My Mind ended in a major cliff hanger. The featured children in that novel were Raina and Casper as they navigate their relationship and find themselves on a treasure hunt. In the middle of this adventure Amelia comes home from her European studies. Not much is mentioned about being there except the fact that a boy broke her heart. On the last page of that story a man named Roark knocks on the Christiansen Family lodge and wants to talk to Amelia. He says, “I came to say that I can’t get you off my mind. I love you terribly. Please won’t you give us another chance?” The novel ends! What????

I was beyond thrilled to read about Amelia’s adventures in this book. Roark makes his intentions clear and will not be run off by Amelia’s brothers this time. Roark has competition for Amelia’s affections. Seth, who has been in love with her since the 7th grade. The Christiansen family expected Amelia to settle for him; it was only natural.

Seth says to Amelia, “I may not be as fancy as that jerk from Europe, but I am house-trained!”

Amelia is stuck. “Seth was familiar. Safe.” Was that enough to base a future on? She has set some guidelines for both men, “I will go on dates with both of you. But you have to act like gentlemen. No more ultimatums.” She looked at Seth and raised an eyebrow. Then she turned to Roark, “And we start over. Completely. Even the playing field. I loved you both…Once…No Guarantees about the future….In the meantime, behave yourselves. If those terms don’t work for you, step out of the ring now…I’m going home and if I see either of you sporting a shiner or any other sings of altercation, you’re disqualified. Are we clear?”

I enjoyed the process in which all three of these characters went about trying to figure out God’s will for their lives. I also liked hanging out with all of the Christiansen’s. Owen has been missing from the last two books. No one seems to know where he is. The main focus is on Amelia, Roark and Seth but Grace and Max have a good part of this book too. They both have surprised their family with a visit and run into a few surprises of their own. Everyone in this novel is struggling to do the right thing. The reader gets a peek at how different people seek to do what is best for their family and situation as they press into hearing from God.

Grace and Max deal with hard issues head on. Jesus holds us in life’s storms if we let Him. “God requires nothing from us but to turn around and embrace Him!”

This story encouraged my faith, I liked hanging out at the Evergreen Resort and the family that runs it. This rich story touched my heart and soul. This novel ended in a cliff hanger! I look forward to read the next installment.

This is a great novel for book club. There is so much in this to discuss and the author includes discussion questions. You can read this story as a standalone and then catch up with the rest of the series. You won’t feel lost. I highly recommend this book and series is a keeper!

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