By Susie Davis
Published by Waterbrook
214 Pages

Back Cover: Though I don’t know where your fears started or how deep they sit in your soul, I do know this: Fear is a heavy burden. One of the heaviest you can carry. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. And it’s not from God.
—Susie Davis, Unafraid

In 1978 Susie Davis watched as a thirteen-year-old classmate entered her classroom and killed her teacher. As a witness to one of the earliest school shootings in our nation, Susie faced years of paralyzing fear and an intense distrust of God. But God relentlessly pursued her and, over time, broke Susie’s fear addiction.

In Unafraid, Susie offers her hard-won insights about how we can trust God in the midst of our fears about violence, disease, and personal tragedy. With you, she asks, “How do we live unafraid? How do we remain aware of world events without giving in to fear? How do we make everyday choices to stop letting ‘What if?’ control us?”

As Susie shows us, it is possible to break fear’s grasp on our lives. We can be aware of the terrible without forgetting the beautiful. We can look up with joy and realize the remarkable truth: Jesus wants to take our fear and give us, in its place, true peace. Walk this liberating journey with her and learn what it means to live unafraid.

REVIEW: The author says, “Fear is a rule breaker. A fake-out. A liar. And we all learn to fear soon enough…Fear creeps in through books, T.V. and other people’s stories…I think I first learned of fear that way,” the author confesses. “Fear whispers when we’re young. It follows us when we’re older. And somehow along the way, we start to think it’s normal to be afraid.”

I instantly connected to what this author had to say about fear. She asks the question “Is it really possible to trust God in an unsafe world?” She reveals her journey and how it is possible. I appreciated how she shared her personal situations, and how she was transparent in her struggles with faith and fear. After she witnessed a neighbor (13 yrs. old - who lived three doors down from her growing up) shoot their teacher in the classroom while everyone watched; then left the room. “Fear” tried to hijack her life that day; and every day after that point.

She says, “At 12 I thought I had met the antidote for fear; “Jesus”…I didn’t realize it then but (after the shooting) it was the beginning of my breakup with God…I loved God, but I did not trust him.” 

Susie’s journey from paralyzing fear to trusting faith in God is compelling, she gives readers hope that they too can be set free. She says, “God wants us whole”… (She tried running from God) “And then, at the end of it all, there was God. Right where He had always been. Ready to offer the comfort I craved. The security I longed for. The Home I always wanted.”

…”God was not content to let me set scared to death scrunched under the counter, cowering, while the enemy pounded me with more and more fear. Eventually I let God rescue me.”

Shocking things are broadcast daily on the evening news. It’s easy to let fear take over your life. I liked how she had the reader walk with her to freedom. The freedom all of us can have if we let God rescue us. There comes a point in life when we are at the end of our rope and God says, “Ok, let go I’ve got this!” It’s scary but so is being afraid.

I loved how Susie shared the tender ways God came to her rescue and how she invites readers to see how God is working in their lives too. He wants to set our spirits free. “God has not given us a spirit of fear but of powerful, love and a sound mind”

I highly recommend this book for a book club pick. It’s rich and there is so much to discuss. It’s also a great one to pass onto a friend. It is refreshingly honest and encouraging to the soul! This book is also a keeper.

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