REVIEW: This movie is a film adaption of a book written by Serena B. Miller by the same title. I hadn't read the book but I have enjoyed a few other books by this author. I was thrilled to see this one made into a movie. This movie has several people I enjoy watching. The first actor that caught my eye was Kelly McGillis. In a youtube video I watched the director said she was the first one cast for this project.. Kelly McGillis had a few things she needed to have in order to bring this character to life. First was the fact she wanted to wear glasses and have a few other props so this would have a different feel than the role she played in the movie; "The Witness" with Harrison Ford. Then the other characters were cast Sarah Lancaster to play a female police officer named Rachel Troyer. Tom Everett Scott who played Joe Matthews; and of course Kelly McGills character’s name is Bertha Troyler. She is playing the police woman's niece; along with her sisters, Anna and Lydia.
Rachel feels protective of her three Aunts. They are the women that raised her when she suddenly became an orphan at ten years old. Her three Aunts are proprietors of a charming, but faded farmhouse Inn. Rachel has asked her Aunts to not take paying guests anymore. They can't handle the volume they did when they were younger. Kelly McGillis's character agrees under one condition if the Lord brings them someone in need they would not turn them away. Rachel looks at the plaque on the kitchen; it reads, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: For there lay some have entertained angels unawares."

Rachel agrees. Below is Kelly and Rachel having that discussion

Kelly McGillis talking to her niece police officer
Rachel thinks Joe is a drifter type who dresses like he crawled out from under a rock; who has an adorable 5 year old son named Bobby. Rachel makes Joe uncomfortable. He's hiding something. Rachel doesn’t buy the story that his wallet was stolen. She's determined to find out his identity and what he's hiding. This drifter would not be harming her Aunts. Not on her watch.

Joe is running away from his life, home and a shocking unsolved murder he didn't' commit. He just wants to have time to figure things out for his son’s sake.

Rachel asking Joe lots of questions
Kelly McGillis' character says he's welcome to pay off his room and board by helping fix up the Inn. The Aunts love having a child in the house again and look forward to the improvements to their property. Bertha says to him, "The more you run from your troubles the more lost you become." It really gets him thinking.
Rachel making sure her Aunts are safe

I enjoyed the beautiful country side and how this film starts off with drama and humor. Joe's been living in the fast lane for so long he doesn’t know what it’s like to stop and giggle with his son. Joe takes in the things that really matter. They've been on the run for so long it feels great to settle down.
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I enjoyed the town's celebration. The town’s nickname is "The Little Switzerland of Ohio." This is a fun, feel good movie. These Amish Aunts really like Joe and help to kindle a romance for her niece. There is a fun family dynamic with Rachel and her Aunts as they embrace Joe and Rachel investigates him. This story is a delightful adventure, with suspense, mystery and a splash of romance.

 I liked how this story took place inside the Amish community but it's not about them. The story is about Joe and his son and how they end up in this beautiful sleepy town that welcome's him as is, they are not concerned about his past or where he comes from. Rachel has personally taken on that task. 

Will this mysterious stranger's past wreak havoc on a quiet Amish community after they've welcomed this stranger in their home and their hearts! This movie is one that the whole family can enjoy!

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