The Quest for Wellness
By Mark Sherwood, ND with
Michele-Neil-Sherwood, DO
Published by Emerge
224 Pages

About Book: This book is a guided journey where the destination is a restored life filled with more energy, strength, focus and peace... a life you used to know and enjoy when you were younger. You may have thought those days were gone and your youthful vitality has been replaced with aches, pains, sickness and fatigue. The good news is you can take charge of your own health and GET YOUR LIFE BACK! Along this journey, you will learn how to LIVE the Wellness Lifestyle. It can be achieved by taking simple, yet effective steps to see immediate changes in your body, mind, emotions and your spirit. We are whole beings. When one area of our life suffers, all areas are affected. That is why the power team of Dr's. Mark and Michele Sherwood have written this book for you. The Quest for Wellness is not only for those suffering with long–term illness, it is a powerfully simple and balanced approach for everyone who desires to live their life with optimum health, and peak performance. Remember, the quest for wellness is a journey, but it is one that is worth taking. The rewards are literally life–changing. Author Mark Sherwood says "You can become well again and go from exhausted to energized... Let me prove it to you!"

REVIEW: This author says, “We live in a sound bit world and catch a glimpse here and there about what is healthy. It’s always changing.” I agree.

Before we met Dr. Mark Sherwood; I knew he was an ex–professional baseball player and a 24–year retired veteran of the Tulsa Police Department, where he logged a decade of courageous service on the department's SWAT Team. My husband and I looked forward to talking with him about his new book.

My husband and I had the privilege of meeting Mark Sherwood a few months ago at the ICRS conference in Orlando, Florida. He had been encouraging us in our eating plan for weeks via email and a few phone calls. We were both thrilled to meet him, see and hear how he lives out his plan. But what first got me about meeting Dr. Mark Sherwood was his passion for wellness. He had a heart to see people get well so they can really “live” life not just hobble through it.
I’ve tried many “diets” throughout the years; especially after giving birth to three children and having baby pounds still with me after each birth. I went to weekly meetings, weighing in and learning what foods would help me lose weight not necessarily make me feel energized or well. I did lose the weight but could not maintain it because I didn’t learn how to eat healthy in the first place. My husband and I started our quest for wellness June 22, 2015, it’s an experience that has us both energized and losing weight.

I have lost 10 pounds since my husband and I have made changes in our lifestyle and in the way we eat spelled out in, “The Quest for Wellness plan.”  I’ve tried for many years to lose 10 pounds (or more) and have only been able to maintain the weight I was currently at; so to have lost this much since June 22nd I’m elated. My husband is too! (He’s lost more)

I’ve known some of these principles like drinking lots of water and eating a variety of veggies, taking vitamins and using holistic drops but the plan he has laid out has made me look at the bigger picture which is “wellness” not just losing weight.

I have discovered first hand that the little steps I’ve made so far make a huge difference. I was surprised at how just changing my sleeping pattern, eating more veggies, measuring out my protein and fruit and exercising less could make such an impact on my life. I’ve lost weight but more importantly the pain I’ve had in my feet is completely gone in the left foot and in my right I have a little pain in my heel. I don’t feel exhausted, but rested. I feel satisfied after we eat and in between meals. That is huge. I’m not killing myself at the gym in order to lose weight. It’s mind boggling. . It’s working. I have more energy and have lost a dress size.

I liked how the author deals with the whole person in this book. We aren’t just exercise, mindless machines, we are humans with many aspects to our personhood; each aspect needs watering and nurturing to bloom and grow. I like how the author starts with doable baby steps and when we get that down we can move to the next level; slow and steady wins.

The First Phase is broken down into categories; under the categories Physical, Emotional; Intellectual; Spiritual the author lists:

“Physical; Move more, add two veggies to every day, increase water (All doable”)
“Emotional; Identify your stressors, Monitor your self-talk”
“Intellectual; Choose or start a “course” or identify a new nonfiction book to read”
“Spiritual; Spend 5 – 10 minutes in silence each day, Read the Bible 10 minutes”

Dr. Mark goes on to explain the first phase in more detail with many options. He asks readers to look at your obligations – Forgive – then let it go. “Life is a marathon, not a sprint. The best things in life are sometimes slow.”

This author says “Most of the things we truly value do not happen instantly.” “Having a healthy body and mind always requires effort, dedication, and commitment. Nothing of real value comes easy.”

Dr. Mark Sherwood and his wife Michele have many wellness video’s you can find on youtube; they also have a wellness community you can join for free.

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