A Rushing Mighty Wind
By Angus Buchan
Published by Kregel
ISBN# 978-0-85721-555-0
191 Pages

Back Cover: In September 2012, Angus Buchan, author of the best-selling Faith Like Potatoes, was invited to speak at the Feast of Tabernacles, one of the oldest festivals in Jewish history, which today is celebrated in Israel's Ein Gedi desert. There he and his hearers experienced a moving of the Holy Spirit that was widely reported around the world and that impacted his life dramatically.
He recounts the facts of that day in A Rushing Mighty Wind, but then goes on to draw parallels with the first revival in Acts as well as past and present revivals to teach important truths about the Holy Spirit that can dynamically shape our lives today. He also addresses that while revival will bring desperately needed transformation to our cities and nations, it will also stretch and challenge us personally, in ways that we may not anticipate.
A Rushing Mighty Wind will amaze and inspire you to discover a fresh hunger for God's presence and a newfound passion for the Holy Spirit.

REVIEW: I had seen the movie based on the book Faith Like Potatoes; it was encouraging and inspiring. It made me want to know more about Angus Buchan. In the dedication the author writes, “For those men and women who wish to live more than just an average Christian life; who make themselves available to experiencing the majesty of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit. John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

The author describes how the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit is working in our time. He shows us how we can tap into this power through the Holy Spirit.  The author describes incredible things that happen in En-Gedi 2012 and talks about a modern-day miracle and shares about revival. He talks about revivals past; one in 1860 through Andrew Murray; in 1949 the Hebrides Revival; 1965 the Indonesian Revival and 1904 The Welsh Revival. That was very  interesting.

In the forward “Angus challenged us all with his passion for Revival and with greater expectation for the supernatural. His ministry has become a great inspiration not only to the thousands of pilgrims in Jerusalem but also to countless more people around the world. Angus is a gift of God to the body of Christ. He is a true apostle of faith that inspires a hunger for God in all who hear him….”As you read this book, I pray that the same will happen to you. God wants to impart a fresh hunger for His presence and for the supernatural move of His spirit in our hearts.”…In many places around the world the church has lost its hope… A move of the Spirit will …stretch and challenge us, but it can bring desperately needed transformation to our cities and nations. …This book will change your heart and through that God can transform entire nations.”

This is a book that will stretch your mind and help scripture come to life as you read about how all things are possible through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Angus Buchan shows readers that God is alive and well. This book will change the way you think about how God works through His Holy Spirit. Wow!

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