Real Food for Rookies
By Kelly Moeggenborg, A.K.A.
Kelly the Kitchen Kop
Published by: H and B House of Bread
ISBN# 978-1-939603-86-9
173 Pages

Back Cover: Kelly says, “It wasn't that many years ago that I didn't have a clue how to feed my family well. To be honest, it wasn't even on my radar to pay much attention to what I was feeding them, I just didn't think food made that big of a difference. It was all about what was cheap, what tasted good, and what was convenient to throw together. Even though we struggled helping our kids in school, and there were behavioral issues that had us under constant stress, I still didn't make the connection.”

REVIEW: This author made a food transition in her family from junk food to real food 10 years ago. She seeks to encourage and show others it can be done because her family of six is still doing it. She says, “You can’t do better until you know better… I want to help you learn more quickly than I did”…“My best advice is start where you can. Keep adding more positive changes as you are ready to tackle them.”

 This author is passionate about eating real foods and wants to help others do the same. This book was originally titled The Real Food Ingredients Guide. It’s been up-dated; revised, expanded and has a new name. My family has just embarked on this adventure; there is so much to take in.

I’m very thankful to have found this book. It’s helpful in understanding terminology found on packaging labels. It’s easy to follow and comprehend as the author shares about how her family started, she says, “I was a product of the late 70’s and 80’s convenience food trend”…”When I married we ran through the drive thru 2 – 3 times a week. Why? Because it was fast and easy and it tasted good!” ..”During that time I got my thinking and taste buds all messed up”

I appreciated her honesty and encouragement about how their family evolved to where they are today. We all live busy lives and often don’t have days and days to educate ourselves about many items found on the grocery store shelf. It’s overwhelming! This author has done her homework. She’s A.K.A. as The Kitchen Kop and her website keeps readers up to date on changes and/or recipes she discovers along with helpful information to be aware of.

The book is small, has useful information and packs a powerful punch in assisting the reader to easily navigate making “Real Food” choices at the grocery store and on-line.  This author helped me to understand what to look for on food labels and made me aware of the names associated with different methods of farming food.

I liked her rules about what to focus on when getting started.
1.    “If you can’t pronounce something on the label, don’t buy it.
2.    If there’s a ‘whole’ version, buy that instead.
3.    This tip is one you’re probably heard a lot, but holds true regardless: Did your great grandmother eat it? If not, then you shouldn’t either.
4.    Buying more and more foods without a label is a great goal, but don’ worry, we’re not there yet either! “

The first part of the book offers a reference guide on good and bad food ingredients, looks at local versus organic, fats and oils, milk variations, and lists other quick food facts. The second part of the book includes Kelly’s top ten list of junk food in pictures, six obstacles in making the change to real food, six recipes, the authors’ final words, and helpful resources and links.

Kelly states, “What you eat does matter.” I liked her list of objections she’s heard about going this route. (She talks more about the matters I’ve listed.)
1. It’s not about perfection, it’s about learning more and more, doing a little better all the time. The truth can and will set you free.
2. Feel confused – overwhelmed about where to start? Ask yourself some questions. What is most natural? How did God design it? And several other helpful questions to help keep the main thing the main thing.
3. Who has the time?
4. Family complaints – she lists them.
5. Money? Eating real costs more. She talks about finding some.
6. Commitment to the long haul. What are the best tips to stay on track? Etc.

This author includes family favorites converted to real food recipes near the back of the book. There are several that look good Pizza, Chicken nuggets, Ice Cream etc (with black and white pictures) and many others on her website. The author states, “Be patient with yourself and your family. Realize that permanent change takes time.” Amen!

This book is a great way to start your “Real Food’ adventure. This book will lead you to her website which will take you to the next level. This journey is about taking one step at a time and staying the course to wellness!! It’s a win, win for everyone!

Nora St.Laurent
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