Love Without Limits
By Nic and Kanae Vujicic
Published by Waterbrook

BACK COVER: It Doesn’t Take a Perfect Person to Find a Perfect Love

 Even though he was born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic created a “ridiculously good life.” But after dating disappointments and a failed relationship, he reached his mid-twenties worried that he would never find a woman to love him and share his life.

Then Nick met Kanae and everything changed.  But even with undeniable chemistry, they would have to navigate twists and turns worthy of a romantic comedy before becoming "one" in marriage.

 In Love Without Limits Nick and Kanae tell how they improbably found each other, fell in love, and then fought to overcome skepticism from others about their relationship. Filled with practical insights that will benefit any couple, this inspiring book describes a godly courtship and the early years of the Vujicics’ marriage and parenting journey.

Above all, Love Without Limits is an inspiring reminder that when Christ is at the center of a relationship--even with serious challenges--true love will triumph.

REVIEW: I first became aware of this author through his first book called, “Life without Limits, inspiration for a ridiculously good life. There wasn’t anything he would avoid doing. He swam, skate boarded, faced his fears and bullies. I loved his transparency and his ability to talk about the tough issues he faced.

His next book titled Unstoppable was just as powerful. The incredible powerful of faith in action. Love his zest to live life and see God at work. I was so glad he wrote the book titled Stand Strong where he talks about how he overcame bullies; because he was a bully magnet. He speaks frank and gives hope for the hurting. He’s a victim no more.

Life Without Limits, talks about a new chapter in his life. He’s now a husband and father. Nick is a native Australian who lives in Southern California with his wife and co-author of this book Kanae, and their son Kiyoshi. “He’s an evangelist, motivational speaker, author and the director of Life without limbs, which is a nonprofit organization that advances the gospel of Jesus Christ and helps alleviate suffering worldwide. He regularly speaks to large crowds on overcoming obstacles and achieving dreams…He also hosts his own daily inspirational radio program.” This man is an inspiration to us all.

Nick starts his journey talking about his hopes and dreams and disappointments in his journey in finding his soul mate. He’d love to have a family. Then he met Kanae, their courtship, preparation for their wedding and their bundle of joy.

I love his transparency and how they waited to be together after they were married. Their love story will give hope to the broken hearted and tug at your heart strings. There is a great mix of powerful and funny stories. Kanace has her pov – know she is speaking by the different font. Fun to hear from her.

Nick says, “When a friend asked Kanae if putting off sex with me until after our marriage was difficult, she replies, “Well, it sure helped that he doesn’t have any hands.”…I cracked up laughing when she said that! I love my wife so much, she tells it like it is…when Kanae and I met Rev Billy Graham after our engagement, his advice was “get married quick!” Reverend Graham understood the challenges and rewards of abstinence.”

I love their sense of humor and how they walk out their faith walk. The author gives ten tips for keeping it cool before marriage. He shares many stories, I loved their transparency. Nick says, “I never expected a television reporter to delve into my most private information on the air. But it happened during an interview when Kanae was pregnant. A female reporter in Dallas asked me during a live T.V. Interview how it was possible for us to have a child. I was more than flustered with her question. I tried to put her off by saying, “Well, most people know you don’t need arms and legs to have a child.”…that didn’t seem to deter her. So, I went for humor. “Actually, I hear that legs sometimes just get in the way! ..Believe me that put a stop to her personal questions.”

They had planned to travel the world together the first year of marriage. They talked about 2013 Worldwide tour of 20 countries. Nick was excited to have Kanae along for the adventure. But 3 months in this married couple learned they were pregnant and adjustments to their dreams needed to be made. This couple talks about five rookie tips to working at Marriage. There are many great color pictures from their wedding and other fun photos of them skydiving and sailing.

I’ve watched youtube videos of Nick swimming, skate boarding and speaking. He’s an inspiration. I’m thrilled by this new chapter in his life. He and his family are an encouragement to all.

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