The Amazing Adventures of Harry Moon 
– Wand-Paper- Scissors
By Mark Andrew Poe Illustrated by Christina Weldman
Published by: Rabbit Publications
ISBN# 978-1943785001
212 Pages

Back Cover: Harry Moon is up to his eyeballs in magic in the small town of Sleepy Hollow. His arch enemy, Titus Kligore, has eyes on winning the Annual Scary Talent Show. Harry has a tough job ahead if he is going to steal the crown. He takes a chance on a magical rabbit who introduces him to the deep magic. Harry decides that the best way forward is to DO NO EVIL and the struggle to defeat Titus while winning the affection of the love of his life goes epic.

REVIEW:  I like how Harry and his family were open with one another. They discuss all kinds of topics like “power”, “Power? Harry’s mom says. “The only “True Power comes from heaven above,” his mom, shakes her head and looks at Harry.

“Mom, you know that, and I know that. Elvis Gold doesn’t have real power. He is an illusionist. He is an expert at the sleight of hand.”….”He’s my hero.”

“Hero? Elvis Gold. The only hero you need is the good God above, Harry…”She left his room like she always did. Shaking her head. Of course, Mary loved Harry and likewise, Harry loved his Mom. They simply frustrated one another at times.”

I liked how the author talks about this aspect of family relationships and how family works. This is a coming of age story I enjoyed. Harry starts to look at the world around him with new eyes as he prepares to participate in the talent show. Harry has a close encounter of the magical kind inside the magic store. He talks about magic with his mom. She tells him to be careful magic could be a, “Darkness to turn young heads away from the truth..”…”Don’t you know that nothing is what it seems?”

I liked Harry and how he can talk to his parents about anything including the different kinds of magic. He has some fun adventures. I look forward to reading more. The town he lives in has been transformed to be “Spooky Town” in order to attract more tourists to their “Halloween-Sleep Hollow-“ The Garden tour has become “Spooky Tours”, The Harvest Hayrides are not “Haunted Hayrides”; Failing toy store is now Ghost Busters; They even renamed the street to Magic Row – Where spells, incantations and magic tricks are purchased. Harry loves magic. Harry wonders, “Was all magic an illusion? Were all the stories, video games and movies phony? Or was magic true? Mom tolerated magic. But she also knew that it was his destiny.”

Harry begins to listen to the rabbit the old man in the magic store gave him. He talks to Harry about many things like, “Forgiveness, loving neighbors as self-how to handle bullies, disappointments – Love and respect – Best way to get rid of an enemy is to make him your friend.” Harry struggles with these topics and wants to do the right thing.

The author states, “I was never the most popular kids in school. I spent a lot of my time in a barn when I was in middle school taking care of my rabbits. I think I was also a little bit on the outside. Maybe that’s why I relate to Harry so much. He has what it takes to stand up for what is right and isn’t afraid to do the hard thing, even as an outside. That’s pretty cool.”

“In life, we need a real friend like rabbit. There is a lot of value in knowing someone who is wise, who can help you through the tough times. That’s the point, I think, of these amazing adventures – life is better when you’ve got a friend who can help point the way..”…”Hero defined by a love for a magic where love and ‘Do No Evil’ live.”

Harry’s adventures remind me of Diary of a Wimpy kid except this story has a faith-based message. It opens up dialogue between parents and children that is important as they giggle and admire Harry has he faces hard things in school and life. That’s a win-win for everyone. I look forward to reading the next installment. Can’t wait to share this to my grandson.

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