The Mistress of Tall Acres
By Laura Frantz
Published Revell
400 Pages

Back Cover: A marriage of convenience.
She is in love with someone else.
He has no wish to love again.
What could possibly go wrong?

In the aftermath of the American Revolution a destitute young woman agrees to a marriage of convenience and becomes Mistress of Tall Acre. But when secrets from her husband's past are revealed, loyalties and ties are torn asunder.

REVIEW: The author states in her notes …”this was fun to write because of my own family heritage in Virginia, but mostly because of my continued awe, and appreciation of those first American Patriots. From the comforts of our twenty-first – century homes and a world of instant everything, we often forget how long the revolutionary war was and how very turbulent and passionate that time period was. In the span of a novel I’ve attempted to portray a tiny slice of that era through the tenants of Tall Acre…through their sacrifices, courage, and vision they leave us an enduring, historically rich legacy.”

This author creates believable characters I instantly cared about. I appreciated the rich historical detail without bogging the reader down.  She also creates villains I loathed and there were some twists I didn’t see coming. The treachery that Sophie and Seamus endured was deep, my heart ached for them. (I know they aren’t real but it felt real!) I also felt like I was in the parlor with Sophie and General Seamus’s younger daughter Lily Cate (who I adored) as the prepared to take tea.

Sophie’s friend jokes with her about the tea party they have planned, “You wouldn’t by any chance, have designs on the general by way of his little daughter?”

“Glynnis! You make the situation sound so – conniving…”The truth is I’m lonely. I’ve always loved children. We’ve had no merriment at Three Chimney’s for ages, even if it’s a humble tea party.” In the parlor

Lily and Sophie pray before their tea party. Sophie gives Lily one of her dolls she stored in the attic. A Pandora Doll. Lily Cate treasures the gift. I grew to admire Sophie. She is brave and has a strength to hang out at the manor waiting on her brother to return from war. She is determined to do the right thing as she is having to deal with running a household with little money and few servants. She has learned to lean on the Lord in hard times. She trusts the Lord to provide a way when there seems to be no way to survive.

Seamus is a General at the end of the war in 1783 who has suffered unimaginable horrors of war. The battle weary soldier would like to pick up his life where he left it and raise his lovely daughter. He’s a widow who finds himself still in a battle on a whole new plain. It’s unimaginable what he goes through.

Sophie Menzies wants to help General Seamus Ogilvy navigate fatherhood because she’s developed a bond with his daughter. He needs help but so does she. Can they work together? Can she enter a marriage of convenience? Could he do the same?

I was captured by this story and their situations. I loved how this author Interwoven in the story historical facts, suspense, drama and mystery and their journey in faith. Seamus and Sophie walk a hard road which causes them to question all that they believe and stand for – trust God’s plan for their lives? – Embark on their journey as a family? What was the right thing?

I liked getting glimpses of General Seamus interacting with General George Washington. I had read that this author is going to start having historical figures have dialogue in her novels. I enjoyed the peek at General Washington.

This is a sweet and tender love story with a few twists and turns; with a few heart-wrenching parts I was surprised by. This is a story you won’t soon forget. I highly recommend this as a great escape and one that would be GREAT for book club. This story is rich with so much to talk about.

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