Brother Charlie
By Isaac St. Laurent
Illustrated by Anna O’Brien
Published by Elk Lake Publishers
20 pages paperback

Back Cover: Brothers begin life bonding as toddlers with a busy mom who loves them. A heartfelt story written by a younger brother. Isaac St. Laurent is in 12th grade at Lambert High School. He enjoys writing and playing video games. He hopes to create his own gaming company.

REVIEW: I enjoyed this beautifully illustrated children's picture book that shows a big brother adjusting to the birth of his little brother. It’s hard to share his mother with this new little one. There seems to be no time for him.

Everything changes once a new little one comes home to stay. Things seem out of place until the family works to achieve their new normal. As Charlie watches his brother get bigger he realizes that he can be helpful to his mom by watching his brother for his her. He bonds with his brother over reading him his favorite books. The enjoyable times increase when his little brother is able to share his toys with him and he can read him books. As they spend time together Charlie realizes how much he cares for his brother.

Charlie delights over his little brothers first words. The illustrations bring this sweet, moving story to life.

This story was first brought to me by my son Isaac. It was a project his teacher had assigned him in 11th grade. He said the story brought tears to his teacher’s eyes. I was excited to read it. Since Isaac has an older brother that he is close to this story it held a special meaning for me as I’ve watched them grow closer together through the years. I did get choked up at the end.

Isaac has a wonderful imagination and has been writing stories and movie scripts for many years now. This is his first short story to be published. Isaac loves a good story in print, on the screen and in video games. He takes great joy in brainstorming potential stories with friends. He is working on his movie script as I’m typing this. I’m excited to watch his project grow and then finally captured on film.

This is a great story to help show a child that is expecting the arrival of a new baby at their house. It will help inspire a dialogue to help parent and child. It will help them talk about the changes, rewards and joy a new baby can bring to their life and home.

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