SOMETIMES by Hugo Ibarra and John Seidlitz REVIEWED

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SOMETIMES...By Hugo Ibarra and John Seidlitz
Illustrated by Katia Lara
Published By Seidlitz Education
ISBN#  978-0692598221
52 Pages

Back Cover: Andres and Clara's lives are about to change. Will their determination be powerful enough to help them through what lies ahead? Will they discover that their hopes are only illusions or will they find that dreams really do come true....sometimes. Grades 4-8 / Middle School picture book

REVIEW: This is a beautifully illustrated story that depicts a serious situation two elementary aged children find themselves facing. I felt for these children and how their world was about to change forever. One of them says, “I used to believe things would always turn out the way I wanted, that dreams would always come true.”

The children lived with their mother in San Felipe, Mexico. Their father left to find work in Texas. He was there for 4 months sending money home every week. Then it stopped. They learned he wouldn’t be back. Their family had to make changes. Tia Elena came to help their family out. She came to take them to America.

*Spoiler* Two siblings are registered to start a new school and learn a whole new way of live; from a new language, food, customers. Everything. They were terrified; until one of the teachers started talking to them in the native tongue and helping them learn English.

The problem I had with this story was all the questions it evoked in me. Like what happened to the dad? Why wasn’t he coming back? Did he die or something else? How does the children’s Aunt take them to the USA without their mother? Why did the Aunt pull off the road after going through customs and start to cry and pray? Why did the kids have to wait so long to see their mother?

This book is a colorful paperback. The story started out good but it quickly lost me. I was left with too many questions and I know children will ask a few of their own when they read it.

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