Beautifully Prepared
By Monica Schaefer
Illustrated by Julie Headland
Published Clovercroft
95 Pages

Back Cover: The author in this book reflects on the luster of her life filled with wonderful success yet tarnished with feelings of emptiness and sorrow. Many women know this life. We appear good, whole, and complete on the outside while sadness fills the depths of the heart on the inside. We often wonder if we will ever experience complete happiness, joy, or peace in our lifetime. Our soul cries out in anguish. When we are younger, we take on a barrage of messages, many of which are lies when applied toward the truth of our identity. Monica Schaefer reflects on how a lie twisted her purpose and identity for over 35 years until a crisis required her to face the lie, her shame, and self-hatred. The journey brought her to the life of Eve and a woman known in the Bible as the Bride in the book of Revelation. The mix of written reflections, contemporary portraits and scriptures relays a deeply personal and universal message of an essential truth, relevant to all women. Beautifully Prepared sheds light on the lies, offering hope to readers for happiness, joy, and peace that seemed to have escaped them

REVIEW: The message inside these pages is powerful. The author says, “…the lie of self-hatred whispers that something is fundamentally wrong with us, making us unlovable, unwanted, and worthless…even the most loved child receives a borage of messages, many serving as lies when applied as the truth of our identity.”

The author describes her journey out of darkness as she became a Christian in her 30’s and started to walk out and believe her true identity in Christ. She describes how Gods word and revelations changed her to the core of her being as she truly believed that her past offenses were forgiven but there were a few emotions and areas of her life she didn’t know how to not walk in self-destructive ways. It was so ingrained. It took total surrender and all she had to trust God to do a new work in her inner being.

I was moved by this author’s testimony that was intertwined with a mini-bible study on beauty. The author gives bible references and shares how God moved in her life. She also gives the reader a question at the end of each chapter to ponder. This helps them reflect on God and what he wants to do or how he wants to love them if they let him.
“God desires to lead you so you thrive. Spend some time with God asking him to show you the true motivation of your heart. Is a lie stealing your peace?” God leads us gently and tenderly.”

This was an eye opener. Especially when the author shared the fact she agreed with a lie that changed the course of her life at age four. This is a small book that packs a powerful punch. I highly recommend it.

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