By Ane Mulligan
Published by Lighthouse Publishing
272 Pages

BACK COVER: A mail-order bride, a town overrun with tourists, and illegal art ~ how on earth will Claire and Chapel Springs survive?

With the success of her Operation Marriage Revival, life is good for Claire Bennett. That is until the mayor's brother blabs a secret: Claire's nineteen-year-old son, Wes, has married a Brazilian mail order bride — one who is eight years older than him. When Claire tries to welcome her new daughter-in-law, she's ridiculed, rebuffed, and rejected. Loving this girl is like hugging a prickly cactus. Will Claire and her family survive her son's marriage?

Lydia Smith is happily living alone and running her spa then the widow on the hill becomes a blushing bride. Along with her new marriage, she has a dream to expand her business by adding guest rooms. Things are going according to plan. That is, until her groom's adult son moves in on everything. Will her dream survive her stepson?

From the first sighting of a country music star in Claire's gallery, The Painted Loon, to the visit of a Hollywood diva, Chapel Springs is inundated with stargazers, causing lifelong residents to flee the area. When her best friends, Patsy and Nathan, put their house on the market, Claire is forced to do something or lose the closest thing to a sister she's got. With her son's future at stake and the town looking to her to solve their problems, it's Claire who needs a guardian angel.

REVIEW: In Chapel Springs Revival the author introduces readers to a fun loving, colorful cast of characters that make up this sweet town; they also appear in this second novel where I fell in love with Chapel Springs as everyone is trying to protect the integrity of their beloved little town.

There’s trouble brewing in their small city. Some want a large hotel built in Chapel Springs. On the one hand this would bring lots of people to the town which would infuse it with money; on the other hand it might run current residents off because of the crowd. Their town was like Mayberry. Can you imagine any of that cast moving out of the town? Either could Claire and her friends they say. “…This would destroy the feel of Chapel Springs, y’all. Right now, we’re Mayberry, USA. Mitford. That’s what people love about Chapel Springs…” That’s what I loved too! They all fought hard to keep the “heart” and integrity of Chapel Springs.

In the middle of meetings and protests Clair gets unimaginable news from her nineteen year old son; he’s married a woman he met on-line. A mail-order bride? Was this really happening? Her son’s bride’s name is Costy and she’s Brazilian. This rocks her world.

Lydia and Graham are newlyweds embarking on a new adventure. All goes well until Graham’s son moves in for a while. Lydia sees another side of Kenny that concerns her. How can she express what she sees in Kenny and Graham’s relationship and how it’s affecting their marriage?

I enjoyed hanging out with these characters and felt like the town took on a personality of its own in this installment. I liked how the community has matured and grown from the first book. Readers will be surprised at the twists and turns; I know a few I didn’t see coming.

This author has included ten discussion questions and two yummy looking recipes that will help enhance your book club experience. Sweet potatoes in orange halves and Avocado Potato salad. Be prepared for pure fun ahead! Great book to add to your summer reading list.

ABOUT AUTHOR: ANE MULLIGANWhile a large, floppy straw hat is her favorite, Ane has worn many different ones: hairdresser, legislative affairs director (that's a fancy name for a lobbyist), drama director, playwright, humor columnist, and novelist. Her lifetime experience provides a plethora of fodder for her Southern-fried fiction (try saying that three times fast). 

Ane firmly believes coffee and chocolate are two of the four major food groups. Her passion when she isn't writing her Southern-fried Fiction, is Community Theatre. She's president of Players Guild@Sugar Hill, an avocational theatre group, where she and her husband act, direct, build sets, and are chief gofors.

President of the award-winning literary site, Novel Rocket, Ane resides in Sugar Hill, GA, with her artist husband, her chef son, and a dog of Biblical proportion.

You can find Ane on her website/blog: . If you'd like to see a map of Chapel Springs showing you where all the characters live, visit

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