I signed up to review an adult coloring book because I wanted to find out why this was so popular. I liked coloring as a kid and did it for hours but I couldn't imagine finding the time to do that now with all the responsibilities I have to juggle.

 I have found that taking a break in my work day (at lunch time) to color I feel more refreshed. I think it's because I didn't spend my whole break thinking about what else I had to do when I got back. I was totally zoned out in color land. Not a care in the world. It felt freeing, fun and inspirational. 

I colored my first page with the hearts and I experienced two things. One I was surprised at how relaxing and fun it was to brush everything out of my mind and just concentrate on creating. I liked that there was a mini devotional on the opposite side of the page I colored.. 

Two I felt intimidated to color my next page with how busy the page was. I found it a little hard to breath when I started, I wondered how this would turn out. The more I got into it the more fun I had at experimenting with color. I remember the pages that I colored as a kid were more real to life pictures. In my mind they had to be certain colors to reflect real life. But with He Restores My Soul coloring page I felt free to experiment with color and be creative. I kind of felt like an artist. I know that sounds silly but it was so much fun to create and concentrate on the encouraging message of the page. God was restoring my soul, mind and emotions as I colored. I was pleasantly surprised. I was lost in trying new colors and creating a finished page I felt refreshed while I played with this design all the while concentrating on the message from scripture.

Yesterday I colored another page. I used markers, color pencils and crayons to create this next page. The message is so what I’m and many others are living right now. I felt free to leave spaces not colored in. I liked how these three mediums worked well together. I also was pleased that all the crayons, markers and color pencils that I bought for my kids that they had left over have gone to good use.

 One thing that has surprised me in using colored pencils to color is how easy they break. When I sharpened them too much I only get one stroke and the point is broken. Is there a certain brand name pencil that works best for these projects?I was just wondering if you are having the same trouble.

Does anyone have a favorite coloring page author? Do share. I'd love to see some of the pages you've colored. I'd like to do a post on my blog with all your different pages. Please email me with your picture. I'd also like to know what you've discovered while coloring. Why do you like it? Do you get together with others and color? My friend meets up with friends in the library and they color there? Where do you color? I'd love to know. Send your info to me at 

HAPPY COLORING!! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Nora :o)

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    1. What books are you coloring Karen? I'd love to know.

  2. I'm sure enjoying it.. all those pencils, markers and colors I've used to design quilts are making for some interesting combinations!

    1. Sounds like fun Deanna. I was wondering if you could tell me which books you are coloring. I wonder if you can post a picture or send me a picture you've done at That would be GREAT!!

  3. Dear Nora, Thanks so much for this wonderful review (as well as the one you left on Amazon). It makes me SO HAPPY to hear that you were able to not worry about choosing the "right" colours and that you allowed yourself to just have fun and express your own creativity. That's so great! I pray the devotions will be an encouragement to you. Thanks so much for this plug and for sharing your photos. I think your pages look really good! :)

    1. Oh, Wow, Thanks for stopping by. This is fun. I have enjoyed the devotions. That's what makes the coloring experience more fun. I've appreciated others stopping by and telling me of their coloring experience. Blessings to you. What a delight to have you here!