Found inside Publix grocery store

 Yesterday I was on a quest to check out coloring books. I went to Costco to get gas and decided to go inside to see what I could find. I was amazed at the variety of coloring books. Most of them were $9.95.

There was a pretty good variety. Some had a hard back cover and other paper back. Some were complicated in design and others simple. I thought they had a good variety and a great price.

I didn't know how good a price they were until I went into Publix grocery store. There I was Amazed at how many coloring books I found in the magazine section of the store.

Magazine prescription
So you can see the wide range of coloring books available in a variety of price ranges too. Some had a 25% off sticker others ranged from $6.99 to $16.99. Again some were complicated and some were easy. My daughter loved the Where's Waldo books. It was fun to finding a Where's Waldo coloring book. It was a challenge to find Waldo without out color. Colors add so much to our lives!

Then there is the last coloring book. It reminds me of the color by number pages I used to do as a kid. I felt like a real artist when I colored these pages. I liked that someone else picked out the colors and all I had to do was do the coloring. It was a relaxing time. But when I look at the Lion pictures. It looks very complicated. I don’t know how relaxing coloring this would be.

Have you found other coloring books in your neighborhood? Do tell. I’d love to know what you’ve found!

I’m going to check out some other places for coloring pages. I’ll get back with you.


Nora St Laurent
TBCN Where Book Fun (and coloring fun) Begins!


  1. I found a couple specific ones for me - Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who ones for adults. They are fantastic! I just received a new box of colored pencils today and cannot wait to try them out. I love to color!

    1. Wow Susan that sounds like fun. Where did you get those coloring books> What types of pencils do you use. I find that mine are breaking. I was just wondering what you've found that works best.

    2. The coloring books I found in a neat little bookstore in Ludington, Michigan, when we visited there. (called the Book Mark)As for pencils, I have had a box of watercolor pencils from Stampin' Up for many years and those work perfectly. (no breakage) My kids use plain Crayola ones. I just bought a box off Amazon (Marco Raffine) that I'm hoping work just as well. (I wanted more color choices)

    3. THANK YOU Susan. I appreciate you taking the time to share your finds with me. I'm going to check it out!