The Babel Conspiracy
By Sylvia Bambola
Published by Heritage Publishing House
295 Pages

ABOUT BOOK: The Babel Conspiracy is a tale of intrigue and love. Two women engineers struggle to develop the world’s first nuclear-powered aircraft amid ever intensifying global terrorism and muddled personal lives. Trisha Callahan has an abiding faith in God, and “those roots of middy blouses and pleated skirts, prayer books and incense-filled churches went deep.” This faith is tested when she finds herself in love with a married man. Audra Shields sees herself as a modern Lady Chatterley, “liberated but not forsaking breeding, intellect, or femininity.” When she becomes involved with a dangerous stranger, she begins to question her lifestyle.

Both women try sorting out their personal problems while racing the clock to finish a project fraught with sabotage and murder. And who’s behind it all? When the Department of Homeland Security and the Mossad finally figure it out, the answer surprises everyone.

REVIEW: I instantly connected with the author’s heart in her note to readers. She says, “While rewriting the novel which became The Babel Conspiracy, I wanted redemption for my character, Audra Shields. After all, God is in the restoring, forgiving, and healing business, and He can do this for anyone. But try as I might, I couldn’t make it fit with the story. That’s when it hit me that, yes, God does forgive and restore, but He does so for only those who want it. He’ll never violate anyone’s free will. In addition, Audra is a reminder that not all those we love, pray for, or witness to will want to come to the Lord. This is a sad reality, but a reality never the less.”

I like this author’s transparency and her heart. It permeates the novel making her characters believable. This is a suspenseful drama with characters faced with some tough choices. Trisha Callahan is a Christian who finds herself in love with a married man. She knows she’ll never act on the feelings she has for her boss, Michael Petterson. But it’s a challenge to concentrate on her job and with her feelings messing with her heart. She is creating the world’s first nuclear powered aircraft. She’s being tested on all fronts in her life, all making it difficult for her to work.

This story could have been ripped from today’s headlines. There are spiritual and political powers at war with each other in a big way. The author explains the science behind Trisha’s work making it all the more mind blowing. Since we are in the middle of political turmoil and the rise of terrorism it’s scary to think how real this situation could be. Just like in real life when bad times hit people seek spiritual guidance and strength from above – her characters do the same. There is violence, sexual content (not graphic), and abuse blended together for one fast paced adventure with a splash of romance.

This story will grab your emotions and have a tender heart for the characters and their struggles.

There are good elements in this story that makes for a book club pick and fun read. The author includes eight discussion questions to help with lively interaction at your meeting.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Born in Romania, Sylvia Bambola lived her early years in Germany. At seven she relocated with her adopted family and saw the Statue of Liberty and America for the first time. But the memory of those years in Germany inspired her to write Refiner's Fire, which won a Silver Angel Award, and was a Christy Finalist. Her frequent moves as an "army brat" gave her an opportunity to see America and fall in love with her new country. Bambola has authored eight novels, has two grown children and teaches women's Bible studies.

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