Chasing the Music
By Mark Alan Leslie
Published by Elk Lake Publishing
325 Pages

ABOUT BOOK: Hearts will soar and voices sing if black-ops veteran Max Braxton and archeologist Kat Cardova find King David’s music of the Psalms. But first, they must survive attacks from determined jihadists in this continent-jumping thriller. King David’s long-lost music of his Psalms is the one missing piece in the Jews’ preparations for a Third Temple in Jerusalem. When Muslim terrorists get word an archeological dig has unearthed clues to the music’s whereabouts, they hunt archeologist Kat Cardova and black-ops veteran Max Braxton every step of their quest. From Dragot, Israel, to Petra, Jordan, to Dublin, Ireland, Wales, and back to the Holy Land, clues are unearthed and danger lurks. But Islamic extremists everywhere would battle to the death to prevent the treasure’s discovery. Will Kat and Max succeed in their quest and succeed in getting home alive?

REVIEW: Dr. Danny Arens looks forward to searching Dragot Mountain. He’s heading up the dig there. He finds a tablet. He needs help in studying it. He calls Dr. Katherine Cardova, a fellow archaeologist who was about two hours away. Tension at the site is thick, as gunmen stand guard. Danny is anxious, he’s wondering if his friend would get there before a killing spree breaks out.

Max Braxton spots Kat at a restaurant in Taberias and they join forces in a race to help Danny and get home alive. When they reach Dr. Danny Arens things don’t look good. Kat discovers the tablet and examines it. She realizes that it contains a clue to where the original music for the Psalms of Kind David, could be found. Max, Navy Seal trained, Texas Ranger; offers Kat his protection as she begins her search. Kat’s search has them running all over Europe searching for a treasure. Dogging bullets and staying one step ahead of their enemies. Will this dynamic duo stay alive long enough to uncover one of the greatest artifacts of all time?

This is an adventure story you won’t soon forget!

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