ABOUT AUTHOR: Kelly Klepfer - She had ambitions to graduate from the school of life quite a while ago, but alas . . . she still attends and is tested regularly. Her co-authored cozy/quirky mystery, Out of the Frying Pan, is the culmination of several of the failed/passed tests. Kelly, though she lives with her husband, two Beagles and two hedgehogs in Iowa, can be found at Novel Rocket, Novel Reviews, Scrambled Dregs, Modern Day Mishaps, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Goodreads and Twitter with flashes of brilliance (usually quotes), randomocities, and learned life lessons. Zula and Fern Hopkins and their shenanigans can be found at Zu-fer where you always get more than you bargained for.

What do you hope readers take away from Out of the Frying Pan?  

Kelly: A friend who purchased two copies of my book told me she had given both away and still hadn’t been able to read it yet. I loved hearing that her sister adored the book, but teared up when she said that the other went to a friend who is having her husband read it out loud to her during chemo. And another gal wrote Michelle a note and told her that she’d had a dark and heavy couple weeks and Out of the Frying Pan was the only light, the only laughing she was able to do and thanked Michelle for that. Our book is not spiritually deep or full of fascinating takeaways like many novels. But you do get some pretty real and charming characters who can take you out of your present circumstances and leave you with a smile. If our novel, our hard work, our soul-searching edit process can leave someone undergoing chemo a chance to laugh and escape cancer for a time, then, wow, what a gift for me as an author to know that.

Nora: You and Michelle do have a way with words and making people smile. I look forward to reading your debut novel. I know it will be good for my soul!

Can you tell me of two “Wow” moments you’ve had in your writing career? What made it a wow for you?

Kelly: I’m having wow moments now. I’ll tell you, it’s really, really weird to put out a huge 250+ page book and have people who know you actually read it. So weird. My co-worker told me I should buy an office copy for people to read. Good idea. So the quickest reader grabbed it first and mostly read it over her lunches. She walk past my desk and give me feedback. So weird. She’s real melancholy so Zula freaked her out a bit but she couldn’t help but laugh. She’s also real detail oriented so I was waiting for her to point out a glaring plot hole we missed. Whew. Skated by that. One of my physician’s assistants is taking it to Portland with her in a couple weeks. She and I talk about our minimalism journeys and quirky ways of eating and stuff. This book thing is so not something we’ve discussed. So I guess all that to say that I am feeling a little like I’m always tugging on my skirt and walking carefully to because I’m pretty sure my slip is showing. The other wow moment would be the amount of soul-searching and growth and self-assessment one must subject themselves to during the editing process. When I wrote something I loved, but others didn’t it was a little battle in my brain. At the end, you willingly murder those darlings and are glad you did, but in the process it’s a little rough!

Nora: Thanks for sharing your heart and journey my friend. I'm so excited for you and Michelle!

What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness? Hope in the middle of stress and Life’s storms?  

Kelly: I’m not going to give the Sunday School answer. As much as God, Jesus, the Bible and Prayer are my-should-go-tos’ I sometimes stumble onto them after other things don’t work. I’m very self-sufficient, frustratingly so, and mostly laid back so I don’t get real stirred up and fretful. But I love my dogs, silence and stillness. I adore coming home to raucous greetings at the door, and cuddling with them before bed. My beagles drive me crazy often, but their enthusiasm for me recharges me. And in the quiet I can sort out my thoughts and give to God what He wants from me, and let go of what is of no value or not good. In those times I find myself singing or humming praise songs which restore my soul as well.

Nora: Amen! Amen!

What three things are you most thankful for in life?

Kelly: I am very thankful that God is patient. I was a hard nut to crack. And I still try His patience and a regular basis. I’m also so thankful for the blessing unfolding in front of me where I can watch my adult children flourish and grow in Christ’s plan and timing. Finally, and some days my most enthusiastic joy is my grandkids. Delight of my soul!

Nora: Watching our children love on our grand babies is a blessing. Getting to see them laugh and be able to share precious moments with them and at the end of the day send them home with their parents; a Double blessing! Grin!
Can you share your testimony with us?

Kelly: Here’s the real basic version. The other would require the whole magazine. I was “saved” at 6 while watching Billy Graham with my parents. But I never had any security that I was saved. Our Baptist church instilled in me that I wasn’t a “good Christian” so I did a lot of rededicating my life after so many failures I couldn’t keep track. When I was newly married my church had an ugly split and we saw a few things that wrecked us. We stepped away from hypocrisy and into real lives (yeah, worldly, and ugly). For about 8 years we ping-ponged between being “Chreasters” (Christmas and Easter attenders) and unchurched. My husband began drinking heavily, I was a worldly, selfish woman and our marriage began crumbling. When I was pregnant with our middle child we separated due to his drinking. We reconciled and a few years later he quit cold turkey without Christ leading the quitting and entered into an affair. I found out on our anniversary while getting ready for a date when his former girlfriend called me to tell me she was pregnant. That was my second rock bottom, but I still had one more to go before I submitted to Christ’s headship. Again, we pulled out of that through grit, determination, stubbornness and worldly counseling.

We returned to church and started “growing” and got real involved and the whole time my mindset was that as long as the good outweighed the bad in my marriage I’d stay with him. And that he’d better be good and make it up to me. He owed me. (Lovely, isn’t it? So harsh in the black and white of words!)

My final rock bottom seems so tiny in comparison to alcoholism and an extramarital affair, just the constant fighting and list making on my part. I would critique his actions and choices regarding our family. He’d have to work extra to help pay child support and to pull off visits with our youngest, his daughter. He couldn’t make me happy. No matter what decision he made. I finally just couldn’t handle it anymore one night and wept to God and begged Him to change my husband. God spoke directly into my heart and asked me why I thought I was right. Couldn’t answer that one honestly and still respect myself, because I was not. Our church was starting an inductive class on marriage a few days later. I told God I’d actually follow His plan and die to myself finally and try things His way. I honestly believe that was the moment I was saved. Because everything changed.

I’m so, so glad God wrestled me down and allowed the pain and consequences in our lives. Our youngest, his daughter, MY daughter moved in with us when she was nine. She is now 25 and a mom of the most precious one-year-old and has a little stepson as well. She is stepping back toward Jesus. My relationship with her is one of the greatest joys in my life. She calls me mom and we call each other friend. Life would be so much less without my daughter from another mother. Our two older kids are living their lives seeking Jesus with all that they are. I couldn’t ask for children who could bless me one bit more. And they each will say that my surrender to Christ showed them an authenticity that they could count on as real. And it made Christ real to them, too. I used to struggle with sorrow over the lost, worldly years when we didn’t pour truth into our children. God showed me that He is the Author and Perfecter of my life in Hebrews. Jesus wrote my story to be exactly what it is to show His power, to tell the truth about Him to the portion of the world that interacts with me. And the ripples of my life and my choices have continued into the next generation and beyond. And I’m still discovering that dying to self is daily. And that when I do, it’s worth it.

Nora: Wow, Thank you for sharing your heart and the journey you've been on my friend. I know that wasn't easy. I know that in sharing you will (and have encouraged many).  

Can you give us a sneak peek into what you are working on now? When will it be out?

Kelly: We have been talking about continuing with this group of people we’ve come to love. Zula and Fern need more adventures. And we have a couple of ideas. The next title is going to be Into the Fire and it’s going to involve...wait for it….fire! And not just any fire. Oh no, not with Zula around! When will it be out is a big question. Probably a couple of years. I’m hoping we can shave off maybe 6 years since we worked on Frying Pan for 8. Not even kidding!

Nora: This sounds fun and fun direction and time.

A friend of yours has a time machine and they will let you use it for a while. Where would you go and what would you do?

Kelly: I would stay in the here and now. That sounds strange I think. But I don’t know that I belong anywhere but in this time and place. I would travel. I would want to see all the miles of all the beaches and touch the sand and play in the surf. Years ago we went to Maui with my parents and our oldest two kids. We went to a different beach every day. Black sand, white sand, hardened lava tide pools. It was really amazing to see the difference of each and every beach. I’d also want to go into Europe and experience the little villages and the vast beauty. The Holy Land is fascinating and I’d love to touch places that are maybe things Jesus touched. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon or the East coast in autumn. My travel then would then include massive cross country road trips. Route 66. Pacific Coast Highway. The Redwoods. The Blue Ridge Mountains. Goodness, maybe my friend just needs to provide me with a series of different vehicles so I can get done all that I want to do. :  )

Out of all the sounds in the world which are your favorite? I don’t immerse myself in sound all the time. When I’m alone I usually am just silent. No background soundtrack or television. I think maybe I’m sensitive to sound so that’s why I choose silence most of the time. Instruments, almost any, simple instrumentation or the human voice can just knock my socks off. The sound of my husband’s voice reverberating in his chest when we hug or snuggle and talk calls to my heart. And the laughter of my people, the kids, the adults, the laughter of those I love just makes me feel alive. I cannot listen to a baby laugh without smiling like an idiot and until my face aches. Laughter. A glorious gift! Water. Waves crashing, or lapping, falling from the sky onto a metal something or other so it tink-tink-tinks. Yes. Those are my sounds.

Nora: Funny out of all the author's I've asked this question to only one other person answered the way you did. They didn't want to use the time machine. That person was Francine Rivers. You are in good company! Thanks for your response!


Kelly: Just a hearty thank you! If you’ve made it all the way through the article or have read our book, or purchased it to read, or if you’ve read my column. Thank you!!!!!

Nora : Thanks for stopping by and helping us get to know you and your debut novel Out of the Frying Pan , Kelly. I wanted to tell you that I’ve enjoyed your monthly articles in Book Fun magazine. You talk about to things I love books, food and ways to have fun at book club. Your ideas help to create memorable book club experiences! It’s a win! Win! Thanks for giving away a signed copy of your new book!

TO ENTER - Answer ONE of the Following Questions:

1. What do you like most about a Cozy Mystery?

2. If you are in a book club, what do you like most about that experience?

3. What three things are you most thankful for in life?

4. Why do you read? For Knowledge, for escape, for learning how to write, looking for what you would and wouldn't read?

5. What characteristics do you tend to admire in fictional characters? Are these characteristics you have or ones you'd like to develop. Give examples for the characters if you want. Example: I would want to be as fearless as Ma Ingalls.

6. If you could set up life in a fictional or real setting where would it be and why?

Nora: These are Great Questions Kelly! I think readers will have fun answering these and readers will enjoy their answers! Be sure to check out Kelly’s Full Review in the November issue of Book fun Magazine.

Kelly is giving away One signed copy of her book. The LAST Day to enter is JANUARY 1st. 

Have a Blessed Christmas! Check back in the new year.

CONGRATS goes to KRISTINA M. ANDERSON her name was drawn. THANKS to everyone that participated. 

HAPPY 2017



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  1. Kelly and Michelle are two of my favorite peeps! I loved seeing Kelly here, Nora. Out of the Frying Pan is such a fun book!!

  2. I read for enjoyment, to escape. For knowledge.
    Bless you.stay in touch.
    Teresa Abert

  3. Can't wait to read the answers to your great questions. I appreciate your transparency. I'm excited about your new novel. Hope to see more!

  4. What three things am I most thankful for in life? Mine are probably going to sound so cliche, but I'm trying to lump a lot of thanksgiving into three things! These are not necessarily in the order of importance. 1. Life itself. I struggled with a long illness last year that left me housebound and in doubt of whether I was going to survive. When I get frazzled with running around too much (as I did this Christmas season), I remind myself how grateful I am to be able to leave the house - and what, in the end, is most important. 2. My family. I have a husband of 33 years who I almost lost to a dog attack this past July, and who I marvel daily that he's put up with me this long! We said when we got married that we'd never be bored, and we haven't been! Two fiery temperaments that have yet to completely be tamed by the hand of God.... He's faithfully and lovingly working on us. Two grown sons, loving DIL's and 5 amazing grandchildren, ranging in age from 11 - 3 months. We live with our youngest son, his wife and 9 year old grandson. (Not to mention 2 cats and a 5 week old Boxer/SharPei puppy.) Two women in one household brings some interesting friction sometimes, but also blessings. 3. The Grace of Jesus. I'm 53, and nowhere near the woman God wants me to be. Yet He loves me still, hasn't thrown up His Holy Hands in exasperation and given up on me as a bad lot. I pray that I'll grow nearer and nearer to who He wants me to be. LONG answer, sorry!! Love your interview. :)

  5. I read for enjoyment and escape. I like cozy mysteries because of the characters, the small town setting, and a fun mystery. They are not graphic or contain foul language. The best part is solving the crime before the culprit is revealed. Thank you for a chance to win! Happy New Year!

  6. I'm in a book club - I'm the leader - and I enjoy spending time with the ladies, reading books that I get to talk about with them but mostly how the book touches each of us in a different way - seeing how our life experiences make us pick up different nuances of a book.
    Kris at jkmarko at cox dot net

  7. 5. Characters that learn to lean on the Lord for direction are important to me. The strength that is gained from going forward, more taught by seeing than saying. I have learned to be still and be a better listener in the last couple years. It is freeing! Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  8. I read to relax and escape. I also find that you can find some real facts in fiction work and that is fascinating.

  9. 3. What three things are you most thankful for in life?

    I will probably sound cliche but I am so thankful to have a loving God who forgives me for all my wrong doings. Plus I am thankful for my family: hubby, children and grandchildren. Finally, I am thankful that technology is such that I can stay in touch with my family, even when they live on the other side of the country.

  10. Thanks for making this giveaway possible. I'll be honest, my reading is definitely a way of escape. I have a tendency to anxiety and depression, but I have found that reading can help me relax during stressful times and also can help me appreciate my real life more. Cozy mysteries are great. I love puzzles, clues, treasure hunts, etc so trying to figure out "who done it?" is something that keeps me interested in a book. I don't like books that have too much gruesome detail or violence so cozy mysteries are a good fit for me. I enjoyed your interview with Nora so I think I would probably really enjoy your writing too. ktrim @

  11. I would set up a novel in Northern Minnesota--b/c I love the lakes & scenery in northern Minnesota! There's so much to do in MN--boating, swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, canoeing, etc in the summer, and snow skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, quilt shops, etc in the winter--in middle school I wrote a mystery story about the abandoned cabin down the dirt road from my parents' cabin in northern MN...

  12. Since I'm sorta a grateful kind of person, I'll answer question No. 3: I'm first and foremost grateful for God Himself (all three of Him) because He brought me back from my prodigality into the grace and light again. Second, I'm so grateful for my family and that they too forgave me for slip-sliding away; they are the best kids ever! Third, I'm grateful for all the gifts God gives: sunsets, rainbows, and all the rest of the bountiful beauty around me.

  13. oops--forgot the email:

  14. I love to read for the knowledge and escape. I can go anywhere in a book. I enjoy cozy mysteries for the mystery with a lighter touch. There is no foul language or extremely intimate scenes. We get to learn a craft, hobby, etc. I also like the small town setting in the books. My favorite part is solving the crime! I love a good complex mystery that is difficult to solve.

  15. I read for mostly for knowledge and escape. I especially like Christian historic novels and biographies.

    I am thankful for so many things, especially that God loved me so much that He sent His beloved Son to take the punishment for my sins.
    After reading so many historic novels, I'm also thankful that I live in this time.

  16. Hi, I have been blessed in life to have a loving family! My dad, mom, brother, and most recently; my sister, have all passed away. I have a wonderful marriage of 30 years, with two fabulous sons! I am a new grandmother, and loving every minute of it! So, health, family and friends, are just three of the ways I am lucky/blessed...
    Many thanks, Cindi

  17. 1. I read cozy mysteries because I like good, clean fun and there are also cozies with crafts, food, and animals, which appeals to me.

    4. I read to escape and have fun. Mostly I read cozy mysteries and historical mysteries.

    6. Harry Potter's Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. I like the world, which seems real.


  18. I read for enjoyment and escape. It lets me travel to places I've never been and meet new people everyday. If I could live in a fictional town it would be in Icicle Falls (based on Leavenworth, WA) from Sheila Roberts books. It sounds like a fun place to be.

  19. I'll answer question number 2: I enjoy getting together with the other ladies in my book club to discuss great Christian fiction books. I sometimes have to read books I wouldn't necessarily have chosen for myself, but that's usually okay. We used to take field trips to meet some of the authors but we haven't done that for several years. It's just always a fun time to meet with others who love to read like I do. Thanks for the chance to win Out of the Frying Pan.


  20. I love to read. I think escape and knowledge are both up there. Reading helps to relax me.

  21. Three things I am thankful for:
    1. My life in Christ, the opportunity to be a child of God and have the righteousness Of Christ.
    2. My Godly heritage and the fact that all 5 of my adult spouses are Christ followers (and that they love their mama too!)
    3. My health.
    Anne at rightler dot com

  22. I read to learn new things.
    onorman (at) wilkes (dot) net

  23. I am most thankful for my Lord above who is my everything. I am thankful for my husband and two daughters. They make my life complete. And finally I am thankful for my freedoms. The freedom to worship and live as I choose. rackylemaire(at) Gmail (dot) com

  24. I'd set up life in Mitford ( Jan Karon)...such a warm, cozy small town atmosphere!

  25. I am thankful For my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who saved me so I can have eternal life. I am thankful for my husband and children who love me unconditionally. I am also thankful for my church and friends God has placed in my life.

  26. Why do I read? Easy escape. I love to just take myself out of this place and go to another one where things may be harder but you are still in God's hands and he will never leave you. Here in this place, I sometimes, fear God won't love me. So I read and read and read. It also helps me to understand people and the Lord so much better.

  27. I am most thankful for my three children. I am reminded each day on how they are a gift from god.

  28. I read to escape. I find it very relaxing and I live to solve mysteries.

  29. Forgot to put my email.

  30. I thought I answered before but I read for escape and knowledge. I am a bear if I do not get my reading time.

  31. I love mysteries that keep you reading even you should be doing something sleeping or working! ;)


  33. Hi. I would like to enter the drawing. I will answer #6, I would set it up in any warm climate, probably Florida. I am from Michigan and the older I get the harder it is to handle the cold weather. I have family in Florida and it's still on the east side of the USA.

  34. Thank you all. So excited I get to mail a copy to one of you. I love that your answers are so thoughtful and rich. I feel like I just found a pocketful of people who could be friends. Wishing you all luck!

  35. Thabks for a great interview. To answer question 4, I read because reading has been a part of my life since I first learned my ABCs and how they connect to make words. I read for knowledge, I read for enjoyment and I read so that others might also learn the power of words!

  36. Enjoyed the interview! I am most thankful for faith, family and friends.
    Kathy F

  37. CONGRATS goes to KRISTINA M. ANDERSON her name was drawn. THANKS to everyone that participated.

    HAPPY 2017