Your Magnificent Chooser
By John Ortberg
Published by Tommy Nelson
38 Pages

ABOUT BOOK: We all have choices to make every day, even the youngest children. The choices we make play a large part in forming who we grow to be as adults. For kids, those choices can include whether to be obedient or disobedient, to share or be selfish, to have a good attitude or not, and more. John Ortberg addresses the ability to choose in a whimsical way by inviting children to use their “magnificent chooser” that God gave them to make right choices daily. Parents will love reading this book to their kids, and kids will enjoy the content while learning lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives.

REVIEW: Making choices is a tough topic to explain to little ones. I liked how this author tackled the issue and he created a non-threatening tool to discuss all different choices we can make. He shows kids making good and bad choices. Some have them succeed and some fail. I also liked how the author showed kids they can change their mind. They don’t have to follow through. They can also ask for forgiveness for a wrong choice. Free will is a deep subject; I liked how he handled it.

The author states in Note to Parents, “According to the Bible, having a will is part of what it means to be made in the image of God. (Genesis 1:26)… We can say yes and no; we can create and decide. It’s this core, God-given capacity that I call a “Chooser” in this book.” …”The shaping and training of the will – helping it to be strong and powerful in the service of good – is one of the most important and most challenging tasks on earth.” …”Choices we make shape our lives, so we need to teach our children to be thoughtful and wise in making Godly decisions.”

I like how the author put that. The book starts out showing what your chooser can do. It says, “You can choose what to say; You can choose what to think. You can go take a bath So your feet will not stink.”

He even brings up a good point. When things are not going well and you get in an argument with someone you can choose to be friendly again. The author says, “We can choose to make up; We can choose to be sweet. For our Choosers can order Our hands and our feet.”

This book has fun pictures to help illustrate the text and a rhythm similar to Dr. Seuss books. It’s a book that is a great way to discuss hard topics simply. This book is a win win for parents and children.

ABOUT AUTHOR: John Ortberg is senior pastor at Menlo Church in Menlo Park, California. He is the bestselling author of All The Places To Go; Soul Keeping; Who Is This Man?; The Me I Want to Be; Know Doubt; When the Game Is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box; God Is Closer Than You Think; The Life You've Always Wanted; Everybody's Normal Till You Get to Know Them; If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of the Boat; Love Beyond Reason; and (with Kevin Harney) the multimedia curriculum Old Testament Challenge. Now that their children are grown, he and his wife, Nancy enjoy surfing the Pacific to care for their souls.

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