Hearts of Purpose: Real life stories from ordinary women doing extraordinary things for the glory of God. (The Call) 
By Gail Nordskog

ABOUT BOOK: Following the example of Joan of Arc, who sought God on her knees, received a directive from Him, and then stood and followed His leading, you too can be inspired and equipped to live out your purpose in first hearing from God and then taking your stand in following Him. Hearts of Purpose brings you nine real-life stories from ordinary women doing extraordinary things for the glory of God. These powerful stories are inspirational and reflective, and will help you open the door toward exploring His call in your own life.

As Gail Grace Nordskog professes, quoting Song of Solomon 2:4, His banner over me is love. Just as Joan of Arc could step forth in full confidence under the banner of her calling, so we too have the banner of God s love over our lives. Nordskog reinforces this affirmation throughout her book, reminding readers of God's love: the touchstone that directs our hearts and lives.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Gail Nordskog hosts “Hearts of Purpose,” a television show encouraging Christians to seek God’s will for their lives and to live out their lives with action and a passion for God and others. Many of her guests are missionaries who serve all over the world. Prior to this, Gail was the TV host of “A Message for Women.” She also co-hosted with Dr. Ted Baehr – founder and president of – his TV show, where she had the pleasure of interviewing the incredible Leigh Anne Tuohy (The Blind Side), and movie stars like Kirk Cameron (Fireproof) and Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side). As co-publisher with her husband Jerry of Nordskog Publishing, Gail established the “Gail Grace Nordskog Collection” to produce inspirational and reflective prayer journals as companion pieces for selected books. Upon reading Susie Hobson’s powerful yet simple message in Loving God with All Your Heart, she knew that a prayer journal based on this message would be a perfect tool to help people grow in their love of God. Gail is always seeking new ways to communicate through print and media the precepts and truth of God’s Word in all areas of daily life. She has served on the board of an international adoption agency and as a branch director of the Ventura Office of Family Connections Christian Adoptions. The Nordskogs live in Ventura, California, where Gail is a full-time wife and mother, spending the majority of her time raising their four school-age children who were adopted from China.

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